Being Mary Jane Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

being mary jane

Mary Jane rushes to Lisa’s house, who drank a  concoction of pills. The paramedic comes in and confirm she’ll be fine. She stays over night, cleans up a bit and in the morning she tells her to call her next time before she hits rock bottom. She goes back home, David is still there, he tells her Lisa needs help but Mary Jane counters that she has her. They are about to get busy but Andre drives in pretends he got the wrong address when he sees David and leaves. David invites her to a concert. Her mom then calls her to remind her that it’s her turn to bring her to the doctor.

At the pastry shot she gets a call that Charlie got fired and Andre attempts to make amend with her. He questions her on David but Mary Jane refuses his answers and questions, drives away. At the meeting, the boss tells them that they have to stay on top or other people will get fired. They have to cover the Hurricane Kenny story. Kara attempts to get  Mary Jane to go on location but she refuses and suggests Lindsay. She gets a visitor, Avery, Andre’s wife who questions her on the affair. Mary Jane then Googles her to find out she’s a big figure among the presidency.

The coverage for Hurricane Kane, Lindsay tells them she won’t be staying, it’s not safe, Kara tells her to leave the camera with the couple who have decided to stay, Mary Jane gets angry at Kara for using the lives of these people for ratings. Kara and Mary Jane finds out from their boss they have to continue the coverage over night and cancel their plans, Kara is upset to deceive her son. Back at the coverage Mary Jane interviews the couple until they lose the feeds. Everyone’s happy about the performance but Mary Jane gets very emotional.  Kara gets called to ask if she’ll be willing to work with Mark to save his show. She agrees despite not liking him.

Mary Jane calls David only then to find out he’s going out with someone else, she gets jealous and throws a fit. She goes to the gym after checking up on Lisa, Andre is there, he attempts to make amends, she gets emotional and have sex in the shower.

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