Being Mary Jane Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

being mary janeMary Jane reaches to Andre’s place, he proposes to her and explains to her that he got drunk that time to tell her the whole truth. He shows her the recipe to prove that he bought the ring a while ago. He pours his heart out as she tears up, she tells him that all he does is make her cry and leaves. She goes to pick up her sister for an appointment but her sister tells her she moved up the appointment. She leaves upset.

Andre goes home to his wife. He asks her to speak with her,she cuts him off and explains her attorney found out her husband was cheating, she decided to salvage their marriage and made him sign a contract that if he ever cheats, she will get the house and the kids. She offers him the same type of paper work, that she would get full custody of the kids, 75% of everything he owns and both house. He warns her that no matter what happens between them, that she should never threaten to take the kids away from him. He refuses to sign and she is surprised and tells him “you really do love her”.

Mary Jane’s sister is at home waiting for her unborn child’s father. She refuses to admit that he isn’t coming. Mary Jane receives a package at work, the ring with a note asking her to think about it. Mary Jane tells Kara her thoughts about working with Mark. She shares dinner with her dad and gets jealous when a woman, Katherine, invites herself. Mary Jane talks to her mother to be careful, be there for her dad because Katherine has her eyes on her dad. She shares memories of her when she was healthy.

Andre goes home to find his wife crying, he attempts to console her but she refuses. She later comments that she made him, asks him if he ever thought about her and who’s going to want her with her stretch mark and two kids. They continue to argue until a text from Mary Jane interrupts them. He shares that when they have sex, it’s more about her doing him a favor. That she doesn’t surprise him in the morning. He checks his phone.

Mary Jane has a girl’s night, Kara comes by, she admits she was wrong for lying, she accepts her apology.  A Stripper passes by. The girls share their affairs, all the girls judge one who’s sleeping with a married man, Mary Jane never admits that she did too. They continued to share truth about their lives regarding sex and boyfriends. When it’s Mary Jane’s turn to speak, she shows them David’s sperm she kept in the fridge. Lisa tells her she’s wrong, she should adopt or wait for the right man.

Mary Jane wakes up next to her phone and Andre hasn’t replied to any of his texts.

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