The Originals Season 1 Episode 11 : Après Moi, Le Déluge

The_OriginalsElijah tries to understand why Davina sketched Celeste and called her evil. Meanwhile Marcel brings food to Davina who is still angry at him and refuses to eat. She continues to throw things at Marcel until she begins to choke and spit dirt as Klaus comes up to make her stop. An earthquake is felt. Everyone points the finger at Davina. Rebekah goes to question Davina but she tells her that she didn’t do it on purpose, that she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Elijah wonders why her powers are manifesting in such aggresive ways. He decides to go see Sophie, Hayley decides to come clean before he goes to see her. He reminds her that Celeste wanted to be left in peace, that when a witch’s remains are consecrated, it fuels the community, and she didn’t want her remains to be found and made him promise, blames her for breaking his privacy and his promise to her.  She counters that they are only bones but he tells her if she really believed that she should have asked him where to find them.

Sophie goes back to the cemetery,  she tells Sabine she found a way to become an elder because the power at the be giving to you, she explains that after making researches, there was a witch massacre and they decided that the one who consecrated the most powerful witch became an elder. She then shows off the remains of Celeste. She counters that it’s disrespectful but Sophie is determined to go with the plan as long as her niece comes back as she doesn’t care about anything else. Only then Elijah comes in, tells her to come to the house. When she feels the earthquake and Davina’s screams, she realises that they have to complete the harvest now. She explains that she is carrying the powers of 3 witches, dirt, wind, water and fire. That one person can’t hold that much power and that it is tearing her apart. She will then destroy half of the town. Klaus goes to see the priest and tells him that they have to complete the harvest to save the town.

Rebekah tells Davina, tells her that she will be resurrected but she counters that the witches are liars. Rebekah sedates Davina. Elijah refuses to believe at first but Sophie tells them she can’t be saved. Marcel refuses to go with the plan, he attempts to make him understand that they will sacrifice the entire city if they don’t do the harvest. He reminds him how he felt when he saw it burn the first time. Rebekah attempts to make alliance with Sophie to get rid of Klaus. Marcel goes to Davina’s bedroom, he gets memories of when he saved Davina from the carnage, he removes the IV and breaks the vampires neck telling them he’s done listening to Klaus orders.

Elijah wants to be present when they consecrate Celeste remains. He has flash back of them together. Sabine tells Elijah that he doesn’t have to stay but he counters that he has time and he owes it to her. He explains how he cared for her. While Sabine attempts to do a locator spells to vein, Sophie attempts to consecrate the remains. He gets a call from Rebekah telling them that Marcel left with Davina. Klaus comes upon Hayley who is about to carry food to the Bayou, he refuses for her to go at first but he brings her to church to show her all the werewolfs to shelter them. He explains that they are his clans and they fell on hard time, that their blood running through their veins, is the same in his and their child. He advise her not to do the same he did with Elijah, to just apologize, his brother will forgive her. He questions the priest if he knows where Marcel may have brought Davina.

Davina wakes up but only then Marcel explains that she didn’t die because he ordered Sabine to put a protector spell, if he had known for Tim, he would have done the same. He admits his wrong but that he always cared for her no matter what. She makes him promise to not let anyone hurt her. Sabine figures out Davina is near water, Sophie comes upon and tell them it didn’t work that someone already consecrated her. Sophie asks if she knows any powerful witch or else it’s over, Elijah offers his mother. He explains to his brother and sister, that if their mother is buried on land owned by one of her descendant, she comes a New Orlean’s witch and them as a family share that ancestral magic, they will channel the magic through Sophie but they have to participate. Klaus’ baby is the only alive  descendent and Hayley owns the plantation so they have to burry her there and they can complete the harvest there. Rebekah counters that their mother was one of the most powerful witch and that we are giving this power to their enemy,  Elijah explains they don’t have a choice but the decision has be unanimous. Rebecka is in.

Rebeckah asks Thierry where he might have gone, or he’ll die by fire. He tells her about the place near the dock. Meanwhile Davina begs Marcel to help her, she talks about her dreaming about Tim playing a song for her and that they were normal. Rebekah comes upon, he reminds her it was just a dream, Davina begins to throw up water. Rebekah tells Marcel as the last family, he owes her to do what he has to do. The Mickelson with Hayley, bury their mother, slits their hand with a dagger and gives it to Sophie. Davina tells Marcel that she’s ready, that she understand that it’s the only way, she’s thankful for Marcel, Tim and Monique.  Marcel carries Davina to the cemetery as Fire burns behind her. Sophie begins, she slits her throat after asking her if she believes in the harvest.  She dies in Marcel’s arms and everything stops.  Sophie begins the resurrection of the chosen ones but none comes back.Everyone is devastated and Marcel gets angry. He blames Klaus but he hugs him apologizing, he reminds him that he knows just how he feels, because he thought he was dead after he left New Orleans, he felt the lost everyday and couldn’t speak his name.

Hayley attempts to get Elijah’s forgiveness, she reminds him that Celeste is dead and should chose the living over the dead. They almost kiss as Hayley leaves. Klaus questions Rebeckah on how she was able to find Marcel, she remains mum. They all thought Davina would survive, that there were so much life in her. She then questions where did the power of the 4 girls go since none of them came back to life.

A voodoo doll is seing Sabine’s hand. Sabine drinks blood, flashes of Sabine and Celeste’s face are seen. Sabine absorbs the powers. 3 people are questioning why they were summoned here, Sabine tells them she did. She counters that she had enough of people calling her Sabine and they should call her by her real name, Celeste.

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