Being Mary Jane Season 1 Episode 4

being mary janeMary Jane’s brother walks on her while she’s pleasing Andre, he comments on how she’s dealing with married man, he greets Andre before leaving. Mary Jane is flabbergasted on the fact that they know each other, she questions him and he tells her that he did promotion work on his club in the past, he had no idea they were related. When he laughs it up but she gets angry and begins to tell him off that she deserve better than a married man and that she was raised better than this. She then comments on him never fixing the pool light. He jumps the pool and fixes the light and asks her if there’s anything he needs her to do. They have sex but while he’s asleep she sits by the patio with the engagement ring thinking. When he wakes up he joins her, she gives the ring back, he asks her if it’s a no, she says it’s a “not like this”.

Mary Jane and her family organizes a party for her brother, Patrick, he walks in talking about adultery. He asks his mother what he thinks, she talks bad about the women sleeping with one, Mary Jane then asks to speak to him alone and asks him how much he needs to buy his silence. He asks her for 30 grands but she obviously refuses, she attempts to make him understand that he really cares for her, he doesn’t want to believe that she is really that stupid. She begs him not to tell anything to their mother, he tells her to just stop it, he calls her an addict just like he was. She’s addicted to love while he was a drug addict. She refuses to listen but begs him for this to stay between them, he accepts, before leaving she asks him what he needed but he doesn’t tell her.

Kara awaits for Mark to show up for their meeting but he doesn’t. She pitches the new story to Mary Jane, about a girl being dead for 3 years in her apartment and no one missed her. Mary Jane isn’t sure at first but promises to watch the dvd. After watching it, she feels emotionally connected to the story and accepts to do it. When Mark shows up to the office, Kara gets upset and reminds him that if he fails, it’s his problem and just to let her know. Later on he tells Kara he’s ready to be successful again.

Back home Mary Jane thinks about what her brother told her, she does online tests which tells her that she’s 100% addicted. She deletes Andre’s contact number but quickly calls the cell phone company to retrieve it and they do with the Iphone’s cloud. Patrick pitches his idea but is turned down, he insists and the partner accepts to push the idea but won’t guarantee anything. Mary Jane goes to see her brother, she admits that she’s an addict, she asks him what does he do when he’s about to fall off the wagon, he drives her to his aunts house. They have dinner and when they leave, she tells him she’s not ready to go home. They go down memory lane at an old restaurant, before leaving each other they make a promise to call each other if they feel weak.  When Patrick gets home, he looks at all of his awards and certificate, he sniffs cocaine while Mary Jane is in bed next to Andre.


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