American Horror Story Season 1

“An anthology series that centers on different characters and locations, including a haunted house, an insane asylum and a witch coven.”

american horror storyI have heard a lot about American Horror story but couldn’t have access to Netflix until this week-end, so I spent the week-end watching the entire first season, Horror House. Each occupant of the house who dies in it are stuck in the house. Violet, Ben and Vivian are the new occupants.  Ben committed adultery after Vivian gave birth a still born baby and pushed him away. They decided to move in town to try to save their family. Violet becomes friend with Tate, the boy who came from a dysfunctional family and before dying shoot 15 students at the school. He falls in love with her and attempts to protect her but instead impregnates her mother, Vivian, causing her to get pregnant  for her husband and Tate. Tate’s hoped to give the baby to the first owner of the house, Nora, whom year ago shoot herself and her husband after losing her child. Her husband was a surgeon and practice abortions to young girls, that is until, one of the patient tells her boyfriend whom in revenge, kidnaps their baby, dismembers it. Her husband in the hope to save his son, puts him back together with other parts, creating an infantata who hungers for blood.

I must say, I wasn’t expecting the entire season to be concentrate on one story developing like a 12 hours movies but more, each episode with a different story but it wasn’t, which was a plus. I enjoyed some of the true facts the incorporated in the serie, the emotions involved and the acting was amazing. I enjoyed the psycho side that was showcased, the one for whatever reasons who walks into a school and guns down students. I always wondered what happens and the state of mind of these people, and the serie were able to capture the right essence.

The first season was mostly about infidelity, each murder was practically caused by love, sacrifice for a loved one, the neglect or the infidelity. I enjoyed the trip down history, from the early 21st century, the decor, the outfits and the unraveling of how it is tied up to these days. I wouldn’t call the show “scary”, but it is morbid and the visual aren’t for the faint of heart.

Overall, i enjoyed the first season and I’ll definitely watch the second season.


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