The Original Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

The_OriginalsCeleste gets flash back of witches dancing in the cemetery until Papa Tunde walks in, he makes a speech to stand together to fight against the dark forces. He sacrifices a snake and explains that he practices the type of magic that every that he sacrifices someone, he gains their power. He introduces his twin boys.  He goes to meet Klaud and Elijah who are attempts to coexist with the Werewolves.  He asks the pair to grant access to the city for the witches. Before leaving he offers the head of the mayor as a gift.

Marcel is having a hard time dealing with Davina’s death. Klaus attempts to snap him out but he refuses and leaves.  They are interrupted when they are called outside to find two vampires sacrificed with the mark of Papa Tunde. Marcel wants no part of it and warns the others to just leave.  Thierry calls Rebekah to show her what he found, they are interrupted by Papa Tunde who sacrifices her and draws her power. Thierry leaves her. He is now powerful enough to go against Klaus. Celeste appears and ask him if it’s enough to make Klaus suffer. He confirms. Haily attempts to study Davina’s drawing.

Klaus finds Sophie and quizzes her on the attacks. She explains the spells. Elijah is worried that Rebekah isn’t picking up the phone, he wonders if she’s been conspiring against Klaus. He brutalizes Thierry and quizzes him. He admits that he left her back at Papa Tunde after she asked him to keep an eye on everything. He calls him a coward and leaves to find her. Hailey goes with him.

Marcel goes to seek for Sophie but ends on Camille. He explains the story for Papa Tunde who went against Klaus when she explains she wants to go against Klaus. Papa Tunde killed witches who went after him, werewolves even humans for their power. Elijjah attempted to make a truce but Klaus showed up instead. Figured out that the twin boys with the mark, he was channeling their powers. He killed them and brought their heads in a box.  He then punctures his eyes and kills him. Papa Tunde interrupts them, Marcel attempts to snap his neck but can’t. He explained that he channel the power of an Original and can’t be killed. He proceeds in taking Marcel’s powers but Camille breaks a bottle on his head. She calls Klaus to explain that Marcel is killing Marcel. Papa Tunde explains that he is what Klaus loves the most, and like he lost his sons, he will pay with his life. Klaus stops him. Papa Tunde over powers him.

Meanwhile Elijah finds Rebekah but can’t walk into the circle, he calls Sophie and she explains they need something to break it, to stop the power channeling . He figures out he needs the blood of a witch and Klaus’ baby is part witch. He pours Hayley’s blood, breaks the spell and removes Rebekah thus breaking the channeling spell. Papa Tunde is about to get Klaus but he over powers him. He attends to Marcel, he explains to Camille that he needs blood, she offers herself but he doesn’t want her. He looks upon jealous as she gives her neck to Marcel.

Rebekah finds Thierry and gets angry that he didn’t try to help her. Elijah snaps Thierry’s neck and gives a sermon to her. She cries that Klaus ruined her and she walks away. She goes to meet with Marcel and remembers Marcel’s confession that he was the one who brought Papa Tunde to town. so Klaus would be run away and they would live in love. She finds it romantic that he would tear down everything her family build just for her affection. Rebekah explains that there is only one person that Klaus fears, their father, with the help of the witch , they can find him and it would chase him away.

Klaus asks the assembly who stays with him, a few leaves. Marcel congratulates him. They then talk with Sophie about who would bring Papa Tunde back. She explains that once the 4 witches were killed they should have reborn, which means that the powers was stolen and that they used it to bring 4 other witches back. She explains  that Papa Tunde needs sacrifices he gains more powers, so they have to keep him from killing anymore vampires. Klaus realizes that he went to the Tomb where Marcel kept the thirsty vampires who disobeyed him. They are all sacrificed.

Papa Tunde finishes his spell as Celeste looks on. He tells her the blade that he used to harvest all the powers from the vampires would do worst than death even to an original. He offers himself as the last sacrifice, she thanks him and slits his neck.

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