Being Mary Jane Season 1 Episode 6

being mary jane

Andre comes home but isn’t in a happy mood. He shows her the picture of her getting close to David at the Gala.  He reminds her that he’s blowing off his life to be with her but she counters that his marriage sucked it wasn’t her fault. He reads her the many texts from his kids, she pushes him to tell his kids that he’s divorcing their mom. He gets angry and leaves. He comes back the next morning and PJ interrupts them because the cops are looking for him. He explains that when he got to deliver drugs, Mexicans stabbed the guy and he left in a hurry leaving his drug bag behind. Andre offers to bail him out with his friends who is a cop. The friend bails PJ out of his problem but questions Andre on why he’s leaving his wife and that Mary Jane will never stay with a man like him. He lets him know that Avery started dating. Andre attempts to go tell the kids but hearing them laugh in the shower, he can’t and leaves.

Paul questions Patrick about getting a drug test, he reminds him that he admitted to using once. His father tells him that he’s going to get tested every week, that was the deal when he moved back in. He breaks the news that he’ll be moving out. Mary Jane sees Kara crying in her car, she wants to talk, she reveals that her ex wants full custody of the kids because she’s not doing a great job. Niecy talks to her doctor about tubal ligation but everyone is against it. Mary Jane becomes jealous when she sees David’s new girlfriend, a model. Mary Jane admits to her mom that she’s seeing a married man, she advises her to cry but she has to make it right.  Hellen talks to Paul and admits that she thinks she’s been hard on him lately because of the disease but that she loves him and make out. Mary Jane comes home, tells Andre that she loves him but still breaks break things off with him. He agrees and leaves. He comes back later for the rest of his things and leaves her a note “Good luck unraveling”.

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