Being Mary jane Episode 7

being mary janeMary Jane brings gifts to Niecy, she isn’t receptive of the apology at first but after Mary Jane brings her down memory lane, she accepts. Niecy admits that she didn’t try not to get pregnant, that she wanted her child to mix, that she’ll be pretty, nice skin color, good hair and easier life. Mary Jane attempts to make her realize that she’s beautiful but she counters that no men fell for her, they only come back because she gives good sex. She cries in Mary Jane’s arms and asks her to stay the night. She agrees.

When Mary Jane goes to work, the news are all surrounding her, she finds out that Terrence Mitchell committed suicide. The network decides that Mary Jane should stay off air for a while, give no statements until they are ready. Mary Jane watches as every news station is having her head, calling her covering the story, a back stab to her so called friend. She goes home and cry in her maid’s arms. She gets a call from Patrick that Niecy will have to get her surgery for the baby earlier. Nicey refuses to leave without Dante despite everyone knowing he isn’t coming.  The grand mother tell her to stop giving her attention and let her have the baby at home alone, she decides to go.

Patrick and PJ goes to Dante’s house to get him to go to the hospital, he refuses but they decide to stay and talk to his mom. She didn’t know he was going to have not only Niecy’s baby and is expecting a second one by another woman. The mother is devastated but tells him he has to go if it’s his child. He goes. Nicey is wheeled in with the baby and everyone including Dante marvels over the baby girl.

Patrick brings a gift to his mom, a life alert necklace, she gets angry and tell him, this is for old people who live alone.  PJ attempts to tell his mom to laugh a bit, she complains about the pain and medication but he tells her maybe she should try Marijuana. She at first refuses but agrees to take the cookie laced with Marijuana. She plays with her grand daughter and plays tricks on the boys by pressing the life alert.

Mary Jane goes back on the air and instead of following the script, she decides to express herself and admit her guilt. She admits that she can’t read the scripts as she wouldn’t be able to face herself after, she admits she doesn’t like how she handle the situation, she was wrong, that she feels guilty, despite knowing it would affect him, she chose to ignore it and run the story. She comments on the percentage of black people in jail and that they should stop being indifferent and we need to stand together. She talks about Terrence Mitchel to pick up the fight, she wasn’t able to give him an answer but she chooses to stand and fight and apologizes to him on air. Everyone applauds her.

Back home, David comes over to question her on whether she stole his sperm to get pregnant.

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