Finally Got The Playstation 4, My thoughts on it and games.

last of us remasteredSo finally got the PlayStation 4 and the first game I tried was the’ Last of us the remastered version’. Supposedly It is the best game to try to see the full potential of the PlayStation 4 when it comes to graphics and I mean yes I played the original Last of us on the PlayStation 3 and the graphics are much crisper, nicer, faster but it didn’t really make such an impact as yet to me, could be because I don’t remember the ps3 version, i had played it a while ago, but I do plan on comparing since i kept my playstation 3.

Then the second game I played was ‘Infamous The second son’. I wasn’t a big fan of the previous one (Infamous 2) but loved the first one. I did wonder, how did ‘Second Son’ Connect to ‘Infamous 1 and 2’. Perhaps in the next one they will connect them. I totally welcome the change in ‘Second Son’. And I like the fact that they touch the subject of the Conduit which are humans who can steal others powers and they totally thought outside the box when it came to the type of powers.  They have : ‘smokes ,rocks, Neon and video games. I found them pretty interesting and it’s a refreshing change comparing to your average powers, in previous Infamous games, with electricity. And don’t don’t be too quick to judge the powers when you first get them.

When I first got smoke, I thought it was it was the bomb then I got Neon and I thought ‘man what is this’, then it was the video games which I infamous-second-sondidn’t like at first either but turns out, they each offer different strengths and none offers any similarities. For each battles, you may require Neon or Smokes or Video games. They showcase that in the final battle. For example Neon is better to subdue  enemies and then you have the video games one which is better when it comes to shooting down aircraft. Rocks, I didn’t have time to really  play with it as yet, because you get it mostly around the end.  Just don’t be so quick in judging the powers, when you first get them, get accustom to them and upgrade them to get their full potential and it will make the last boss much easier to beat.

Switching in between powers,  I don’t really like the fact that i need to find a source of the power in question, drain it to switch in between Neon, Video games and smokes. I thought it would have been much easier if we could have simply switch  by pressing a button but then the game would have became too easy. I found the last boss a bit challenging  and intense. I totally enjoyed it overall I’m satisfied with my purchase of the PlayStation 4.

playstation 4I didn’t check every aspect of the PlayStation 4 mostly because I was busy gaming but so far I like the new the remote. With the touch pad, typing messages is much quicker however the battery dies far too quickly within 4 to 5 hours I have to charge. It wasn’t this bad with the Playstation 3 remote. I totally welcome the stand by mode, I don’t have to completely turn off my console. You can leave it on Stand By mode to charge and it will turn off when it is done. Also, let’s see you want  to leave the game and switch to Netflix you can actually do that without having to load the game back later.  It sends the game in the backgrounds (stand by) and you can go to Netflix, back and forth  within a snap of a finger. I’m not a fan of console being too on the social side but Playstation did the minimum which should satisfied the ones like me or the avid socialist. However, your trophies don’t get posted on Facebook like before, I haven’t figured out why, nor others online. The dashboard has completely change and again the speed in between applications is definitely plus.

psn appOverall I’m satisfied with the purchase. I wasn’t sure whether I would keep it or get the Xbox one or any of the new generations consoles for that matter. But I have to say that I will stick with the PlayStation 4. I also purchase ‘Watch dogs’ there’s also the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ that I have to try this is a a must. I’ll try call of duty and many other games so definitely come back with my updated opinion after trying multiple games, to see whether the console remain as fast.

I will also suggest you to download the application for Android iPhone I’m not sure if it’s available for Blackberry but you could message and see who’s online connect your PlayStation 4, sends messages from your phone, see your friends activities.

And last but not least, Infamous has a side mission called “Paper Trail” it’s a must! Very entertaining. It requires you to solve puzzles in between your computer and your console

infamous paper trail


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