My Thought on the infamous Mamaroo Baby Seat

So as a new mom (Yes I do have a 10 years old however things have changed a lot since), It is very hard to purchase products mamarooat a good price and that will be useful for babies. So i had seen many videos of the Mamaroo and totally liked the way they advertised it  :”The mamaRoo® bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their babies.”

After watching many videos, i went hunting for a good deal cause i felt 299$ + tax for a seat that would last up to 25lbs, if you have a fast growing baby, It might not last long enough. It was between this and the Nuna Leaf, which is a bit cheaper but I like that it converts to a seat for kids up to 130lbs. I felt it was the right price however I found no deal and wasn’t ready to shed 250$ + tax.

Let’s talk about the feature of the baby seat.

– Five motions : Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swings, Rock a Bye and Ocean

– Reversible Toy balls

– Built-In nature sounds

– You can connect your Iphone / Ipod or Any mp3 player with the Axillary Cable

– Seat Reclines to accommodate newborns to bigger babies

– It uses electricity no needs to buy expensive batteries

– It is small and very stylish in any decor

I couldn’t find any stores that had demos. So I was sold, found it at 150$ and bought it. I had in mind that it would be perfect in my kitchen, to have the baby close to me while I cook or clean. It is a really pretty device, i like the mp3 player ready, i feel the material to be very cheap for the price they are asking. The baby kept slipping if not reclined completely despite the belts to hold him. The sound is cheap as well, if you dare bring it a bit louder, it doesn’t come out clear at all. The plush balls are boring, there are no motions to it and let’s face it, babies are attracted to colorful moving objects.

ocean wondersNow let’s talk the Five motions. They are indeed, nice motions, car ride really does look and feels like what a car ride, however, the motions are too slow even on the highest level. Try to calm a cranky baby (teething? colics anyone?) with these motions, epic fail. My son kept crying in it but did find comfort in his older brother’s swing, that had music, lights and rotating fishes.

My advice? you can invest half the price on an actual swing that has a lot more. Or even a baby bouncer with actual baby melody. If it was cheaper It would have been good but for that price, you’re better off with other alternatives, especially that it’s can only hold babies up to 25lbs.







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