Switching From Aviate to Google Now Launcher

google now launcher (3)  google now launcher (1)Screenshot_2014-08-26-17-05-44

So I’ve been looking for another launcher other than Aviate. I’ve noticed that, recently, especially after the latest update, my battery drained much faster. Not only that, but my phone also became much slower, lagging, even freezing and showing me that Aviate wasn’t responding and needed to shut down. So I was speaking to other friends who advised me to try Google now launcher.  I had tried it before but I didn’t give it much thought nor played with it much.

So I decided to give it another shot and I should say that I actually like it much better.  I was able to customize it to look almost like Aviate . I really did like the way it looked, all the others features that was included I didn’t use.

It has this feature “okay Google”, from the screen you simply have to say “okay Google”  and the search comes up, you can either launch an application or search online.  It’s basically the voice application in Android devices but instead of having to press the button. You activate it by voice.

The only thing that I’m missing, is the color change of Google now  from white to black. I know i can hack it but i don’t want to.  It also has all the features like Aviate, adding widgets, you can also input where your home address, work addresses or any addresses for that matter and it shows you how long it will take, traffic statuses etc. I do miss the way the calendar events showed in Aviate. I’m not even able to find anything similar but I’ll probably find something sooner rather than later.

So it’s probably not a completely new application but I will advise anyone looking for a launcher to give it a shot, especially if you looking to change from Aviate.

Grab it here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.launcher&hl=en

As for Aviate when I first started it especially when you come from the normal Android look it was a huge change. I like the way they organized categories  like applications related to productivity, shopping and then the 3rd page put all that application in alphabetical order. Someone who doesn’t want to play around too much, a Novice, then Aviate would be easier to work around as you really don’t have much to set up. They have themes now, so you can change the way your Icons look like. If you on the other hand, like to customize more, then Google now launcher is the way to go.

I’ve added screenshots of what my phone looks like right now with Aviate below.

aviate (3) aviate (2) aviate (1)

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