Feed Baby Application For New Moms

After giving birth, I was so overwhelmed by the constant questions by the nurse. How many many times he soiled his diaper, how long ago, what color, the texture, how many times did eat, how long etc. So i went on a hunt for an application to help me keep these informations close. I found a few ones but one stood out the most “Feed Baby”. You know how easily it is to forget vital information, with a newborn and lack of sleep. The pro version has more features but you could get away with the free version.
It pretty much as everything you can think of from breastfeeding, baby bottles, to even when you start with solid food. For the feeding you have a timer, from when he begins with the breast or the baby bottles and press stop, when he’s finished. It shows you average of bottles, ounces etc. It has reminders for when it’s time to pump again, feed the baby etc. Other options such has sleeping, Medicine, growth, journals, baths. You can add notes every time you enter an information. So when you go to the doctor you have it right there to question or give the right information. The growing chart is basically like what the doctor has, you enter the information from weight, height and head size and it shows you the percentile.

It’s an amazing application, I can’t remember the difference between the Pro and the Free version, I ended up buying the pro version and for those who knows me, I rarely purchase applications but when i do, It’s worth it. It has everything you can think of regarding a baby, no need to write it down and forgetting the paper at home.  I would really advise you guys to check out that application, screenshots are at the bottom. You can have a look and feel of the app.

You are also able to sync in between your smartphone and your tablet as long as its connected to the same Android account which is good as well.

Screenshot_2014-08-28-23-55-59 Screenshot_2014-08-28-23-56-12 Screenshot_2014-08-28-23-56-24

Grab it here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=au.com.penguinapps.android.babyfeeding.client.android&hl=en

Here’s the full description from the App page

Track and Monitor ALL aspects of your babys breastfeeding, growth and development. Record Bottle and Breast feeds, Baby Diapers, Baby Sleep pattern, Breast Pumps, Growth Charts and Journals and Diary of your baby.

Featured as a TOP App for New Parents in the Google Play store!

Also includes Graph, Reports and different Themes! Data Export and Alarms. Suitable for new parents of babies aged 0 to 5.

Feed Baby is also available for the iPhone on the Apple app store. Just search for “Feed Baby Tracker” in iTunes.

(This is the “Lite” version of the app. The “Lite” version will give you full access to all features for 20 days, after which some features will be disabled. Upgrading to Pro will enable all features in Lite again, so that you do not need to worry about losing your data as you can keep using Lite as usual)

★ Easily record breast/bottle/SOLID feeds with a single touch.
★ Easily record daiper changes (pees/poos) with a single touch.
★ Easily record your Babys Sleeping Sessions with a single touch
★ Device-to-Device Synchronization between any number of devices so that Mom and Dad always knows whats going on!
★ Easily record and chart your babys Growths (weight, height and head circumference)
★ Easily record your Pumping sessions
★ Easily “Continue” the last recorded feed
★ Easily “Pause” the current feed
★ Easily add Medicines and create Medication Records to record all of your babys medicine intake
★ Easily record Baths, Diary entries, Activities, etc….
★ Record 2 Babies (only available when Feed Baby Pro is installed)
★ Supports Twins!
★ Daily Summary screen that shows ALL activities for each day
★ WIDGETS to help you access key features from the home screen
★ Feed Baby automatically saves and restores your data in case the database gets corrupted
★ Easily add notes for Feeds, Diapers and Sleeps
★ Setup Wizard to help you get started quicker
★ Charts and graphs give you a clear visualization of feeding patterns.
★ Customizable Theme/Skins! Choose your preferred color scheme for Feed Baby from one of “Dark Knight”, “Baby Blue” or “Vintage Pink”. And more Themes are coming!
★ Export your entire Feeding History as a CSV file and automatically send it to any email address. You can then print it out for further analysis by yourself or your doctor
★ Full screen clock is displayed during feeds so you can check at a glance the amount of time that has elapsed during a feed
★ All history is kept and fully browsable
★ Individual feeds are grouped automatically into “Feeding Sessions” for better visualization
★ Fully customizable notifications means that you never miss a feed or have a feed go for too long
★ Each feed is fully editable so that you can retrospectively alter the start/end times and bottle quantities
★ Supports both oz and ml for bottle quantities. Simply specify your preference in the Settings
★ “Feed Baby Pro” will automatically detect your “Lite” installation and unlock all of its features. This allows you to keep using “Lite” even after its 20 day trial expires so that you do not have to transfer your valuable feeding history data!
★ Fully supported with regular updates. ‘Feed Baby’ is a fully supported product. And we provide email support for any questions you have or issues you may encounter.

(some of the features above are only available in the “Pro” version)

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