Bottle Warmer Nûby and sterilizer Month use Update


bottle warmerThe Nûby natural touch, is a one touch electric warmer and sterilizer. It is basically a 2 in 1 with a measuring cup included. Fairly simple to work. It comes with a little handbook that shows you each quantity, with type of bottles, how many ML to add to get the right temperature. You simply have to fill in the measuring cup with the right amount of water, poor in it, drop the bottle, press it and wait.

About a month after giving birth, I realized how long it was to warm a bottle with hot water. During the day isn’t bad but in the middle of the night, It could make us save quiet a bit of time, which would result in more sleep. I went on the hunt for a bottle warmer. Luckily I found one that was on sale, instead of 30 it was 15 so I didn’t really pay attention to reviews. I just went for a it mostly because I felt the price was right. It was “just” a bottle warmer. How bad can it be? It made night feeding so much faster than putting the bottle in hot water. I would say to be careful when picking up the bottle when it shuts off, as it can be burning but within, the body of the botty was cool to feed. I’ve used this with the Avent bottle and the Nuk so you don’t have to buy this specific brand.

I was really satisfied at first, it did warm the bottles fairly quickly. I mean from the time that I would put the bottle, press the button, go to the bathroom and come back and the bottle was ready. I also tried the sterilizer. I suppose it makes it easier not to ‘over’ boil whatever you need to sterilize for baby. However today, after a month, I noticed a smell of burned rubber. I checked to see whether it was coming from the bottle warmer, once I poured the water, I had just put in to warm a bottle, the water was brown. Puzzled, I looked inside and noticed that the material was peeling off.

So I mean after a month of use, this should not happen. And this device was use for a single baby. Overall it’s not a bad device it did the job but after a month of use, I don’t believe it should be peeling off. I didn’t think I needed to buy a device of 150$ just to warm a bottle. So we’ll see what the company does, I sent them an email with my receipt and the damage. I will definitely update you guys on the matter. In the meantime, I would advise to stay clear of this one and perhaps purchase another brand.

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