Chris Brown Pleads Guilty in Dc Assault

chris brown dc 2014 courtChris Brown recently pleaded guilty in the DC assault in a plea barging. In exchange he will not have to serve jail time for the October 2013 assault against a man in Washington DC.

The Washington Post reported :

Prosecutors agreed not to ask for any jail time and agreed to ask the judge to sentence the 25-year-old Grammy winner to probation in exchange for the plea.

“I’m sorry,” Brown said.

Prosecutors said Brown, along with his friend and bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, 36, struck Parker Adams, 25, of Beltsville, Md., after Adams tried to take a picture of himself with the entertainer outside the W Hotel near his tourbus on Oct. 27 following a party during Howard University’s homecoming festivities.

Following a two-day trial in April in which Adams and two other witnesses testified that both Brown and Hollosy struck him, Hollosy was found guilty. Brown was scheduled to go on trial later that month, but the trial was delayed.

But legal troubles for Brown and Hollosy in the District still exist. Adams has filed a $1.5 million civil lawsuit against the men. Adams’s attorney said his client suffered a broken nose and other injuries to his face as a result of the altercation.

I don’t have much faith in the law, these celebrities are simply acting up and in exchange pleads guilty and go scotch free. When will he learn not to be so spontaneous.

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