Being Mary Jane 205 – No Eggspectations

Mary Jane’s mom gets upset that she didn’t raise her kids to open their legs on TV and is ashamed that she isn’t able to have kids. She blames her Lupus for Mary Jane being infertile. Cameron, Treyvion’s father attempts to be a father but she pushes him away constantly. Her mother, Helene, reminds her that she needs to make sacrifices for her children and not to make this about her. She tells her that she is angry at herself and to stop making everyone else with her attitude. Lisa comes to see Helene as David walks back, he asks her about Mary Jane and she gets upset that he didn’t bother to ask about how she was doing. Paul Jr attempts to push his project, it is well received but he needs another investor with 3 million in capital. He speaks to his father about it and he decides to ask David who accepts with a condition, 49.9% of ownership.

Mary Jane begins the day by getting on her knees to pray God. She goes to the doctor’s office to measure her follicles, she is shocked to find out that her follicles her abnormal and suggests her to try again and not to extract. She quizzes the doctor what went wrong.  and gets angry at Kara for letting her do that and how embarrassed that the world now knows her business. Kara defends herself. Everyone reaches out to her to help her cope, but she ignores everyone. Lisa comes to see her but she gets her upset at her when she implies that Mary Jane is not ready to be a mother, as having multiple sex partners, drinking alcohol. She brings it back to David choosing her over Lisa. David brings her flowers.  He reminds her that he’ll always going to be there for her. They share a hug before he leaves. She goes to rant at Mark asking him why he didn’t stop her, she calls herself a corporate whore. He shares that he thought about adopting before his boyfriend broke up with him. They push the part 2 of her trying again for her follicles. She tells them she will let them know later. Her father drops by to speak to her, he reminds her that she shouldn’t be looking for a relationship like her parents, that these type don’t exist anymore. He believes that she maybe doesn’t really want kids, that whether she has kids or not, she could have someone else have the kids and she could go for her man, David, that she loves like he does. That he may not be the perfect package, but she should go get her happiness. Points out that she still wears his T-shirt. She calls Kara and tells her she won’t go through the second part but she has an idea for the next day show. She goes to see doctor Jacob Marrs , she asks him if there is a chance to get pregnant with one of those eggs, he confirms, she decides to freeze them.

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