Scandal 415 – The Testimony of Diego Muñoz

Suzan Margaret gets introduced to the public, her first speech doesn’t go well when she is ridicule because of her nervous laugh. Leo works on Suzan, from her laugh to what she should say, so she can be perfect, but she reaches a breaking point and quits. This makes Abby upsets and fires Leo. She then asks Olivia to pep talk her into coming back, which she does but her poll aren’t up. Olivia tells the president that because of the decision to go to war for her, the votes aren’t in her favor, so he needs to apologize. He ends up making his apology and she is voted.

Olivia at home gets drunk remembering the entire kidnapping event. Cyrus calls her but she tells him she will not be coming back. Rose asks Olivia for her help to find Lois, she’s convince something happened to her. She accepts and enlists the help of Huck and Quinn to find her body. Olivia realizes that Rose and Lois were a couple. That once Lois’ parents found out about their love for one another, they moved and she lost contact for years. They find her body, they make up a story that she had a aneurysm and died peacefully on bench. Rose cries over a coffin about all the time she waited for her and she died so quickly. Olivia goes home and throws the wine stained cushion in the garbage.

David gets a visit from Huck’s wife with files from B-613 who she says his husband, Diego Munoz, gave her, and she asks him to prosecute them. He at first doesn’t believe she has them until she presents him with the files, which were his. He goes to see Huck and Jake wondering who this Diego is,  how she got them and they need to take care of the guy. Huck admits, he is the Diego Munoz. He goes to see his wife and begs her to drop the story as it will get them killed. She refuses and pushes him to testify so these people could pay for what they did to him. Jake tells him to testify but deny any allegations as it would blow back on Olivia. He’s afraid It could destroy the relationship with his wife. He testifies at first that he doesn’t remember anything. He daydreams about his wedding, the birth of his son. He is questioned about the hole and he admits remembering the hole, a vivid description and how small it was for his body, to punish him. “It was always dark, pitch black, It was small, you couldn’t move, you couldn’t see.” y It gets David to tears and he agrees to pursue the case. David tells Jake they will be going against the people behind B-613 and that he will be protecting themselves as much as possible.

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