Scandal 416 – It’s Good to Be Kink

Abby and Leo have an argument over a book a woman is trying to publish, exposing Leo’s sexual likes. Abby hires Olivia to fix this or she will be the laughing stock in the white house. Olivia goes to see the woman, Sue, she threatens her to have her destroy unless she withdraws her book. Sue comes back and agrees to not publish her book unless she gets paid 3 million dollars, she refuses and Sue calls her weak. Quinn and Hulk work on create a fake persona on the website so they can go to her house and steal the book and find the men to pitch in the 3 million dollar together. Quinn gets Charlie to go meet her. The date goes wrong when Charlie explains how he would torture her. She leaves disgusted. Huck finds the book, scans it on time. They decode everyone off the book. They found out even David is in the book. The men are all called in and are outraged but caves in but David who tells them that it’s illegal and they shouldn’t pay up.  Huck asks David to get full immunity, he tries to refuse but Huck makes it clear he wants it or no plans. He tells him that he won’t be able to help him when the story about his sex game comes out. Quinn tells him it’s a bad idea, he tells her it’s not about Liv, it’s about his family and him. He decides to take matter in his own hands. Abby decides to write her letter of resignation.

Olivia goes to a bar to hook up with a stranger and go back to her apartment. In the bathroom she gets visions of when she was held captive. After digging in Sue’s life, she realizes she didn’t want money. She finds out she was fired because words got around that she was a tiger in bed. Once her ex boss ask to sleep with her she said no. When she tried looking for job elsewhere, her ex boss blackballed her. She tells she can publish the book if she wants, get stuck in the pass or if she wants justice she will help her. She does that and gets her job interviews.

At the White house, Melli tells Abby and Cyrus that she’ll be running for Senator of Virginia and requests Leo to be her campaign manager. Abby tells her he can’t. Jake tells Fitz about Olivia, that she carries her gun everywhere and that she’s not off the radar from the market. So should be safe. Cyrus gets Elizabeth help to get votes.

Cyrus brings 3 million to Olivia  to pay off so he can have dirt on more people, as it can come in handy. Elizabeth offers her help to Mellie, so she can have power against Cyrus. Back at Sue, one of the men in her book is holding her at knife point. Huck slits her throat. He says she was smart, she would have talked eventually, he couldn’t risk her exposing David. He apologizes before leaving her behind. Quinn picks up the book and gives it to Olivia. She reminds her that finding justice is at cost to Abby, her family.

David gives Huck his immunity and feels guilty that she died because of him. Huck goes home. Olivia locks the files and leaves for the bar again and brings him back to her apartment.

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