Being Mary Jane 208 – Line In The Sand

Patrick gets news from his baby mama, she has been arrested for shop lifting. A woman tells him that his baby mama owes him money and he could ask his family. He hands her over the left over money he has but when it’s time to bring his daughter to school, he’s out of gas. They walk to school. At school the principle tells him that she hasn’t had a lunch in 5 months and that he owes nearly 500$. He gets a collect call from jail from Tracey and she needs bail, 3000$. She reminds him that it’s his turn to have her back. He decides to ask Mary Jane for the money and she agrees. When he goes to see Tracy in jail, he realizes she’s been using drugs again, he lies that he didn’t get the money but will work on it.  Before picking up his daughter, he pays off the balance of her lunch and the principles flirts with him.

Mary Jane premieres her show about Sex trafficking but her ratings are low and Kara shows it to her. She’s convinced It was a good show and blames it on the awards being on the same day. They brainstorm on the next show. Mary Jane is nominated for an EMI and she expects Valerie to celebrate with her, who voices concern about her drinking habit. She complains that she’s under a lot of stress at work. She goes home, continues to drink and have sex with her booty call. She quizzes her dad on his thoughts on the ‘sex trafficking’ show, but he didn’t watch. When she goes shopping, a man calls her a, ugly, ‘black monkey’. Valerie brings her a gift, she quizzes her on Lisa. She wonders whether she was wrong for telling her off before. She believe’s she does everything right when it comes to friendship but when everyone’s okay, no one calls her or even congratulate her on her work. Mary Jane’s guest is India Arie, on which they discuss about black beauty, seeing the black woman’s worth,

Sheldon gives her a call, compliment her on the show and invites her to dinner.


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