The Originals 217 – Exquisite Corpse

Rebekah has a nightmare of Eva chasing her as a child, she catches her and tells her that it’s her house as she wakes up. Eva is the one to wake up and she snaps Marcel’s neck. She hears baby Hope crying, she thinks about taking her but Klaus and Hailey attacks her and she fleds. Klaus decides to send Marcel to use the black shackle to stop Eva from using magic and sends Hailey to Elijah to convince the witches convent to not hunt Eva / Rebekah. Elijah attempts to get Josephine to give them an extra hour, but he fails. Josephine was wild but they let her and Vincent together until kids, prodigy ones, began missing, they didn’t know who it was until Vincent put a clocking spell on one of the kids before she abducted him and they found out it was Eva and lock her up. Eva thought that if she sacrificed a kid, because their magic is pure, of each convent, that she would become the most powerful witch than harvest girl or elder.  Josephine tells Hailey, that she can see her future, that she will have to fight a powerful darkness that should terrify her. Hailey questions Gia on why she’s whiling to put herself at risks for them, she explains that she’s doing it for Elijah because she knows what Hailey and the kids mean to him and that he should learn to live his life, for himself.

Marcel goes to see Vincent to find Eva. He tells him where would a wounded witch go, they find her. Marcel has no luck getting her to speak and gets upset when he finds out that she took Davina as well. Vincent speaks to Eva, she tells him that the kids aren’t dead, she has them alive, that she will do the spell, become the most powerful witch and she will let the kids go. She tells him that all she needs is one more witch. He agrees and breaks Marcel’s neck and unshackles Eva. He reports back to Hailey and Elijah, Hailey tells them she will kill Eva even if Rebekah has to die, Elijah refuses. Eva and Vincent finds their last witch, Josephine. She brings him to the hiding place.  She admits that she has to kill them all to get their powers, he knocks her unconscious and calls Marcel to explain he had to make it convincing to find her hideout. He realises then that they can’t kill Eva, if they do, all the other kids, including Davina, will die.

Klaus commands Freya to put Rebekah in her body, she says she can’t because she’s lost in Eva’s mind and that she needs a spell to get into her mind. He shackles her with handcuffs and brings her to see their mother, Esther. He compels his mother to give them the spell, which she does but not before warning Klaus, when Freya suggest that she needs an anchor, which would open his mind and exposing everything about him, strategies, secrets, to give to Dhalia. She warns him that Freya isn’t has pure as she used to be, that she will help them but for a price, that she will use his thoughts to get the family against him. He refuses to do it, Elijah agrees to do it. Klaus refuses, Freya gets upset, unshackles herself and snaps Klaus’ neck. When Klaus comes back, he explains to his mother that the only bad thing she ever did he forgave was making them Vampires. She begs him for a chance but he refuses and condemns her to stay in the darkness. She begins the spells. In Eva’s mind, Marcel finds young Rebekah crying but Eva walks in and she almost kills him as Vincent comes in. She talks about how hurt she is of what he did, he attempts to stab her but fails as she attempts to stop his heart. Freya tells Elijah that she’s losing them but Klaus walks in, accepts to link with her, reiterates that he doesn’t trust her but to save his sister.  It prevents Eva from killing Vincent who tells her that she has no idea how he felt after what she did, how he wanted to die. That all he wanted was to save the kids from the woman he loved. She gets upset, is about to kill him blaming it all on him but Rebekah stabs her. Everyone wakes up.

Klaus tells Rebekah, to get ready to go back to her body, she refuses for now, she doesn’t want to sacrifice the kids and she has to save Kol. He reminds her that Freya has been in his head and she knows it all, she brushes it off and begs her to be one united family. Freya gets welcomed to the New Orleans witches. Klaus tells Freya that he sees her for what she really is. She calls it Paranoia. She tells him all she saw when she channeled him was his poor taste in woman and his anger. She threatens him to be careful before he ends up alone as her patience is running out.

Freya goes to see her mother, she tells her that Dhalia took the light away from her and ruined her. She tells her that she’s no longer her mother and she isn’t Dhalia’s child. She confirms that Esther was right about Klaus not channeling her, she saw it all, that they can never allies, as he will never trust her. So she will have no choice but to turn every member of the family against him and now she knows how. Esther wonders why she’s telling her, because she won’t be around to see it, she traps her into the crystal and walks away.


My Hypothesis

– I think she switched place with Vincent, or transferred in his body before Rebekah killed her (Kill a demon today, face the devil tomorrow)
– Klaus must have done something with his mother while Freya thinks she has Esther.

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