Rihanna Premieres American Oxygen ,Jennifer Lopez isn’t on Tidal and Jay-Z removes Album of Spotify?

Rihanna has released a new video ‘American Oxygen’, to view the video, you will have to subscribe to Tidal or perhaps wait, I suppose the video will sooner rather than later premiere on youtube and other medias. The visual features many footage of numerous events in history, such has Martin Luther King speaking,death, Presidents who fought for rights. She ended the video with black helping white and vice versa. A pretty powerful video to show that “there is a change” and that the new generation is the future.

Listen to the song below



In related news, Jay-Z has reportedly removed his Reasonable Doubt album of spotify in a quest to push users to try and hopefully pay for the subscription.

I’m not sure all of this is going to sink well with fans and users. Especially that not all artist are “on” Tidal. Jennifer Lopez was recently interviewed on Tidal and she said she didn’t know about Tidal nor will she be associating with Tidal.


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