Scandal 418 – Honor Thy Father

Elizabeth North works with Mellie to get her sister, Harmony, on board as she can be do damage if the media reaches out to her. Mellie is adamant but has no choice to agree. She sends an invitation for her to come to the White House. Mellie begs Fitz to have a dinner with her and Mellie, he refuses at first but caves in. The dinner goes bad, Mellie argues with Harmony. Harmony threatens to go to the media but Fitz tells them to cut it out. Mellie is upset at Fitz when he suggests she apologizes, she tells him that he should have done what she used to do for him, support her. She asks him to leave and he speaks to Harmony. Fitz tell Harmony that Mellie isn’t ashamed of her but rather that she’s jealous she got everything Mellie always wanted due to their father leaving Mellie’s mother. That it hurts her and she’s taking it out on her to hide her pain.  Before Harmony leaves she hugs Mellie. Mellie is surprised and Fitz reminds her that she’s going to win the race and he’ll be by her side when she does.

Olivia wakes up in bed with Russel, she tries to break it off with him but he pushes her back in bed until she gets a call from a new case for, Congressman Nicholas Reed. He wants her to find clues to prevent his father from the death penalty. He confessed to killing a 29th Math teacher who had been sleeping with his daughter who ended up committing suicide at 15 because of this. He knows his father didn’t do it, he’s innocent. Olivia accepts the case and goes to meet the father, George Reed. He continues to claim his guilt. She speaks to him and realize he is innocent, she takes the case and will do everything for him to be set free. They find out there were many other kids he was sleeping with, all victims believes George Reed did well killing him. Nicholas Reed points out that maybe the wife did it. They go to the Wife’s house and finds out she died of cancer a few weeks ago. Olivia believes if she really did kill her husband, then her house will still have the evidence. Quinn and Huck searches the house and finds the gun that is the same caliber as the one who killed him. They decide to send an anonymous tip to the cop so they can find the gun. Olivia speaks to the Reeds, she tells them about the police finding the gun but there was no rust in the gun, which means the gun wasn’t kept in the house 15 years but rather someone planted it there for them to find. She believes that when Congressman found she was dead, he thought about pinning the murder on her since she’s dead it won’t affect her. She believes Congressman did it. He’s about to admit it but his father tells him to not speak, he is father he knows best. Congressman admits that, he killed the man after what he did to his sister, he wanted to come clean but his father threaten to kill himself if he came clean. He’s thorn that if he speaks he’ll die if he doesn’t he’ll die anyway. She comes back the next day telling George that he may be successful but that the guilt is killing him so he needs to pay for his crime, after serving his time, she will help him get back up. Nicholas Reed goes to the media and admits his crime as his father is set free.

David attempts to get Jake to be a witness since he worked for command and was command. He refused as he knows he will get killed. David tells him he won’t be able to protect him if he doesn’t work with them or else he’ll have to go after him since he was command. Jake tells him to drop it or he’ll come after him and leaves. Quinn, Charles and Huck recruits 3 ex B-613 agents to testify so they can make their case in exchange of immunity to force Jake’s hand to work with them. We see Jake bugged their offices and listening to their conversation. They are all brought to a safe house. When Charlie comes back to bring them food, they are all found dead and Jake is there. He wrestles him but he gets away while Max Butler is crawling somewhere. Everyone assumes Jake did it. David believes they can find other agents but the team believes he will kill every single one of them. Charlie and Huck believes they have to kill Jake, Quinn is against it, refuses to believe Jake did it but ends up agreeing because they believe he will come after them next. They find Jake, he’s in Olivia’s building. They attempt to call her but she isn’t picking it up. They worry he’ll try and kill Olivia. They race to her house but she’s with Franklin but Jake is the adjacent apartment. He tells her that he’s been keeping an eye on Olivia, nothing will happen as long as he’s still alive. Huck counters that he wouldn’t hurt Olivia, he asks them if they are sure?  David, Quinn, Charlie and Huck all meet, they decide that they can’t kill Jake. David doesn’t believe Jake is capable to kill Olivia but Huck believes he’s on survival mode. They all part ways believing they can’t get justice with B-613. David remembers Jake killing James Novak and others. He decides to be the witness so they can go through with the B-613 case, he will testify. Jake is outside waiting for David who’s with his assistant, Holly. Jake points a gun at him, he tells him to moves a bit, he tells them, he didn’t kill the agents, Holly did, she’s a B-613 agent, . She tells Jake, they can both walk away after killing David. He asks her what she has in mind but shoots her in the head. He tells David that he was never out and that going after Command means war and that he needs to be able to tell who’s working with him vs who’s against him. He tells him Rowan is coming. Huck goes to see Olivia, telling him he needs to protect her from Jake. She gets upset that they lied to her, they kept her in the dark. That Jake has told her everything. She reminds him that they need to be together to bring down B-613.

Someone knocks at Olivia’s door, It’s Russel and her father.

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