Being Mary Jane -210 – Prime Time

Mary Jane spends time with Brandon. They talk about his career and he reminds her to tell him when she starts sleeping with Sheldon, as per their arrangement, they can’t sleee with anyone else if they are still sleeping with each other.

She goes on a shopping and the seller talks about Sheldon. She tells her that they used to date each other, he likes young women, never cums when he has sex, is kinky and never let her stay the night. When she goes to dinner with Sheldon, she becomes to act funny questioning whether he dates every women he meets and on his sexual habit. He tells her instead of getting information everywhere, she should just come straight to the source and he would have told her. He admits that he used to be like that but now he’s into something different.

Mary Jane’s latest show didn’t get good rating, Kara tells her that she isn’t doing journalism, that she isn’t pushing hard enough. Kara tells Mary Jane that she’ll be quitting soon and is looking for another job. The next morning Kara tells her that Cynthia is ill and that Mary Jane will be doing Prime Time. She has to interview Elizabeth Foy and doesn’t follow the script, she pushes her to the limit, accusing her of lying about her real motive. Kara defends Mary Jane’s actions.

Mary jane gets a call from Sheldon, he tells her that she isn’t like any women he has dated in the past. Brandon comes over, she tells him that now is time for them to stop seeing each other. She admits that she likes him and likes where their relationship is going, she maintains that she wants to take things slow. He asks her to define slow.

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