Gotham 119 – Beasts of Prey

Cobblepot reaches out to Lidia to buy her place, he will remain as a silent partner. She maintains that she won’t be selling and he proposes for anything she wants. She tells him to get his grand daughter to come home and leave the boyfriend and she will consider his offer. He tells her that she will be back by Sunday.  They find the boyfriend and asks him to leave her alone, he refuses talking about being in love. Cobblepot decides, since he’s a guitar player, he cuts a finger which makes him agree to stay away. Gab questions Cobblepot why he wanted to be a silent partner with Lidia, he tells her, he plans on killing Don Marone there.

Fish thinks about escaping. She walks out the door but the alarm goes off. She is encountered but a kind of sheriff. She pretends that she just wanted to take some air and didn’t know she wasn’t to come outside. She eyes the helicopter. He who warns her that next time he will shoot her on sight, that she’s not allowed outside. She questions if anyone was ever able to escape, he tells her that he either shoots them or the icy water takes care of them. Fish reaches out to Kelly and tells him about her plan to escape and that she needs his help. She meets 6 of the strongest prisoners to go to the boat. She goes to Dr Francis Dulmacher and finds the keys. When she’s about to leave, the Dr comes back. He wonders if she was trying to escape and threatens to shoot her. She holds the knife and pretends that she wanted to commit suicide because she has the nightmares of her becoming his puppet. He buys it and warns her that next time, even if he has to revive her, she will become his puppet. She tells the 6 prisoners to take the keys to the boat and to not worry the gate is open. She tells them she will come after, she has to retrieve the others. They run, but at the gate, the lock isn’t open. They realize Fish set them up and they all get shot. Fish goes to get the other prisioners but Dr Francis stops her. She motions for the other prisoners to take him down. They run to the helicopter, as she’s about to fly it, she gets shot in the abdomen.

Bruce congratulates of Gordon’s new position who asks him about Alfred. He tells Bruce he knows they both lied about who stabbed Alfred. Bruce maintains that they didn’t lie. He attempts to tell him that the stabbing wasn’t his fault. Alfred tells Bruce he’ll be searching for Payne at the shooting gallery. Bruce tells him he’s going but Alfred is still bleeding and has to rest. Bruce finds the address of the shooting gallery and gets Selina to go with him. They find Payne and question him, he at first refuses to answer but when Selina threatens to drop his medicine through the window he speaks. He tells him that he was hired just to find out how close he was from finding out information. When he threatens Bruce to go and tell the man who hired him and that he will come after him, Selina pushes him through the window, killing him.

Officer Len comes to see Gordon with a case about the body of Grace Fairchild stabbed to death down the river. He tells him that they dropped the case but he knows he will find the answer. Gordon accepts the case. He brings the case to Lesli , she’s feels connected to her being from the same neighborhood and that they are the same age. He asks Harvey to join him in the case, he refuses and warns him about getting in trouble with wanting to solve every case but Gordon doesn’t take no for an answer.  He realizes that clues are missing and that the previous cops missed questioning bars where the victim may have gone. He goes to a bar and the bartender recognized her, she was with a ‘hot’ date. Lesli checks the body of Grace and mentions that she was missing for 4 months but he body doesn’t show any abuse besides the stab wounds. Harvey contemplates that she must have left on her own but Gordon isn’t buying it, because she had a good job and that she called her mother the night she went missing and it had to be an abduction. We get a flash of Grace , the day after they had sex with the man, Jason Lennon. She tells him she can’t stay and she has to leave for work.  He refuses to let her leave and makes her his prisoner.  She forces her to cook, but when she overcooks the lamb, he gets angry tells her they are not working out and murders her and gets rid of the body, but not before he takes a picture of her, telling her they could have had something special and puts it with 12 others he had. Nygma brings a piece of evidence that went missing, it’s a heart broken. Harvey panics and tells him the guy they are after is a serial killer. He tells Gordon that he’s been abducting young attractive women and keeps them for weeks to months then dumps their bodies. He is called The Ogre or Don Juan killer. Gordon wonders why the media never spoke about it. Harvey tells him that The Ogre will retaliate if anyone leaks the information by going after the people the person loves and that’s why he hasn’t been caught yet. He wonders why Officer Len brought him the case knowing it wasn’t safe. Gordon questions Officer Len and he tells him, Commissioner Loeb sent him. Harvey tells him that he can drop the case, no one knows they are investigating. Gordon calls Leslie but lands on her voicemail. Gordon warns Loeb, he tells him he tried to work with him but since he came after the woman he loves, that he will find the ogre, he will put him behind bars and then he will come after him.

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