Scandal 419- I’m just a bill

At the white house, they are trying to pass the Brandon Bill,but Susan Ross refuses to sign the bill until she goes through the entire pages.  Cyrus, Mellie, David, pressures her to just sign it. She refuses and reads through it and tells them the bill isn’t right. President Grant goes to see her to pressure her, she again refuse and when they go through it together, he realizes that she’s right and they both work on it. Cyrus tells them that they need the bill now, they use Mellie’s “”run to shadow the bill not being signed yet.

Olivia’s dad reaches out to her about the case her team is building up against him. He tells her she has 48 hours to shut down the case or he’ll take matters into her own hands. He warns her that it will splash the President, she tells him she doesn’t care. He notes that she has more locks on her door so she clearly isn’t doing good despite showing the opposite. He compares her to him but she denies being anything like him. She tells him to leave, he accepts and tell her that Russel won’t remember anything and that he will be awaiting her answer. She pretends being drunk with him, that he was singing and they go to the bedroom. The next day she lets the team know about Rowan’s warning. They all agrees that they will be following with their plan but will have to do it quicker. Olivia gets called by the possible next DC ‘s next mayor, Marcus. He is covered with blood with the Mayor Verrano’s wife. They had an affair going on, claims that someone came in while he was with her. They thought it was her husband so he hid in the closet and 2 men with their face covered snapped her neck, stabbed her and took some of her jewelry. Huck checks the scene and confirms that he’s not lying. They decide to clean the scene and file a missing person. Jake checks up on Olivia and she confirms she doesn’t need to check up on her. Marcus is arrested but Olivia comes to his aid, about sending e-mails he never sent. She grills the Police Captain about wrongly arresting him, not reading him his Miranda rights. So he should not speak about it, the media should not know or she will be asking publicly and after what happened to Brandon, it’s not in his advantage. At her office they figure out that the person who hacked his e-mail came from Mayor’s Verrano’s office. They question Marcus if he remembers anything, he remembers one being called Mickey. They find no one in the Mayor’s circle named Mickey. Jake is questioned about operations that Rowan’s sent him to do. They speak about Operation Remington. Rowan had them shoot down a civilian airline with 329 people and the pilot who agreed to do it, was President Fitzgerald Grant. Olivia is shattered, trembles and gets flash back of when she was abducted. She calls Russel who calls her by her real name, Olivia, she says she doesn’t want him to call Olivia but Alex, doesn’t want to be serious because her life is complicated. She just wants to be uncomplicated and have fun. She brings him in and they have sex. Back at the office, Olivia notice that Mayor’s Verrano’s bodyguard, has an injury on his hand, remembers that the wife hurt him. The nick name Mickey, isn’t his name but a nick name because he got Mickey mouse ears. They check his phone logs, and they find calls before the murder and after the murder. They then hacked into his GPS and find out his car was at the house when the murder happened and he got a deposit of 20 thousand. He was hired to kill the wife and fake a robbery. Marcus is giving the choice of having to admit he was having an affair and with the evidence to nail the Mayor or to black mail the mayor into giving him the Mayor position. He first agrees to blackmail the Mayor but when in front of the media he backtracks and tells the entire truth. Olivia is happy and tell him it will be hard but he made the right choice.

Olivia tells her father, she won’t be taking his case, they will go after her. He congratulates her, says he’s surprised,  proud she’s not trying to save Grant and standing up for what she believes and not running after Grant. She tells him to find another way to shut this down but not to shed any blood. He tells her she won’t be proud of him when all of this is over. Back at her office, David and the team drinks to going forward with their plan the next day, wearing the white hats. Jake receives a text from Olivia to come to her office. When get there he’s ambushed by Russell who tells him, it was easy to take him down. He doesn’t understand why Rowan spoke so highly of him, being a golden boy. He stabs him multiple times leaving him to bleed on the floor.

Watch the promo of next Scandal’s Episode : First Lady Sings the Blues.

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