Being Mary Jane 213 – Season Finale

Mary Jane is awaken by the sound of her alarm. The cops come but there is nothing. She’s so afraid that she calls Sheldon to ask him to stay at his place, he agrees. She wakes up the next morning from a restful night and is surprised to see that he did not make a move on her. She attempts to get sexy for him in bed but he walks by her ignoring it. While he cooks her breakfast, she comments that they look like they are in a relationship, he says ‘looks like they are’. At night, she quizzes him why her tooth brush moved, he tells her to just take another one. She’s surprised to see his stock of toothbrush in the cabinet. She gets a call, from Valerie about David’s dog dying. She’s devastated, wants to call him but chose not to because he’s her ex and they shouldn’t be in contact. Sheldon encourages her to call him because she has unresolved issues with him. At work Cynthia comes to see Mary Jane and advises her that she should include in her contract for a live sign off. She explains that she can’t even tell her audience goodbye, they only agree to having her pre-tape one to prevent her from trashing up the live feed.

Mary Jane has a dinner with the family to celebrate PJ graduating, while Mary Jane negotiate her contract. Patrick’s daughter sister announces that she’s engaged and moving to North Carolina. Niecy doesn’t take it well nor Patrick. Lisa congratulates Mary Jane and tells her about David’s dog, Mary Jane pretends she didn’t know and calls it sad. Hellen reaches out to Niecy to make her understand that it’s okay to feel bad for herself when she sees others moving on while she isn’t.

Mary Jane goes back to Sheldon’s house after work. He quizzes her on how she was able to get in the house, she explain that she saw him punching the code and took the liberty to come in. She leaves her shoes and bag in the kitchen to speak on the phone. She calls Sheldon’s house, her home. Sheldon is upset and picks up her stuff to place them at their right places. While Mary Jane sleeps, she pees the bed and is very embarrassed. He quizzes her on whether she’s mentally or physically ill, he concludes that she’s stressed about David. When she goes back to the bathroom, she sees her tooth brush moved again, she decides to confront him. He explains that he has his own ways and they don’t see relationship the same way. He doesn’t want kid, get married, expect her to live in her own house while he lives in his. She gets upset telling him that he knew from the get go that she wanted all of that but yet still reached out to her. He suggests she can have a baby at a sperm bank or somewhere else. Then that he hoped he would be able to change her to see his way and that they even had sex yet but she blames him for it. He tells her she’s so wrapped up with her ex. They argue and Mary Jane thanks him and decides to leave telling him that this isn’t what she wants. He then tells her judging by her history with men, that his option is the best she got. She leaves and tells him she will never settle for less than what she wants. He calls her hoping she would change her mind, but she tells him thank you, she doesn’t regret them spending time but remind him that even if she doesn’t have kids, she wants to wake up to someone every morning but it’s goodbye. She calls David and leave a voice mail.

Lisa brings food to David who’s morning his dog. She questions him on Mary Jane, he tells her they don’t speak and ask her about how she’s doing. She explains that she’s suffering from depression and that he is her trigger. He’s surprised. She explains to him that she has feelings for him, that she wants to tell Mary Jane the truth about them. He ‘butt’ dials Mary Jane. Lisa tells David she wants to tell Mary Jane that she gave him oral sex, she’s in love with her, that it’s thanks to her that she borrowed him the 50 grands to start off his company. He counters that it was just one night and it was a mistake, that it was an investment and he has document that proves it. Lisa continues that when Mary Jane broke up with him, she was the one who let him sleep on her couch, took care of him when he was sick, told Mary Jane about the sperm she had stolen to get pregnant. How she took care of his dog when he was away. He continues to say that it was nothing and she was paid back. She tells him, that she’s in love with him and that he feels as guilty as she does. They hear the car honking, when he checks his phone he sees he called Mary Jane by accident. Mary Jane cries and crashes into a truck.

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