Gotham 120 – Under the Knife

Penguin puts his a hit on Don Maroni and his crew. He at first refuses but when he tells him that he’s second that Falcon gives Victor first dibs and he’s second. If he brings Maroni’s corpse, he will then become number 2. He tells him to pass by the bar and they will discuss details. Maroni tells Penguin’s mother that she shouldn’t be stupid, she should know she gave birth to a monster who kills people. She faints and when she wakes up, she begs Penguin to tell her the truth, he still denies. As she goes to lay down, Penguin receives flowers from Sal, he tells the delivery man that he got the guns and the killing room but then decides to tell Sal himself and stabs the delivery man to death.

Nygma walks in on Kringle getting apologizes from her boyfriend. When he leaves, Nygma notices the bruises on Kringle, she makes excuses that it was because she got out of line. He confronts the cop who makes fun of him, he tells him Kringle gave him her love and he should respect her. The cop tells him that women need a tough hand, he punches him and as Nygma gets up and the cop is about to attack him again, he stabs him repeatedly.

Wayne has a hard time dealing with the fact that Selina killed Payne. They argue but she reminds him that if she didn’t do what she did, they would have come after them and she suggests that maybe he’s the one who killed his parents. He then realizes that they will never be safe until they figure out what they are hiding, he remembers the safe and who has the key, Sid Bunderslaw. Selina offers to steal the key. Selina reminds him that he shouldn’t tell a soul about killing Payne. Bruce tells Alfred that he’ll be going to the ball with Selina, Bruce laughs it off and tells him he’ll wait for him in the car. At the ball Selina is able to steal the key and replace it with another one. Selina sees the man Barbara is about to leave with and seems worried.

Gordon runs to check on Leslie, she’s fine. He explains to her that he has a choice to make. Either he goes after The Ogre and she risks getting hurt. He tells her she has to leave Gotham, she refuses, tells him she will continue working and the only way to keep her safe is to get The Ogre locked up. The ogre approaches Barbara, they share a drink but when they go to her place, she tells him she’s single and isn’t afraid of him and once people see the true her, they usually run away. He was about to stab her but decides not to. Gordon meets with detective Crispus Allen about information on The Ogre case. He at first refuses to answer until Gordon mentions that he’s aware The Ogre killed his wife first and that he must have found something that scared The Ogre. He promises him to protect his daughter , shows him the pictures of the 11 other women and they have to stop him from killing other women. He mentions that the first girl who got murdered was a nurse at a cosmetic spot. As they leave to go check, The Ogre is in his car tailing them. Gordon finds out the nurse was recommended by one patience. As Gordon and Bullock leave, The Ogre attempts to run them over. At the station, Gordon gets a call from The Ogre, he warns him that if he continues digging, he will go after the person he loves. He tells him “Hero cop, who’s going to clean Gotham, the rising star of GCPD”. Before going to the press, he asks Leslie if she’s sure of him going after The Ogre, she confirms it. At the press, he tells The Ogre, that he’s not going to stop and will catch him.

They get the name of the person who recommended the nurse, Constance Van Groot. When they get to the house the find out she’s been dead for years and the butler trying to commit suicide. They also find pictures with the face scratched up. He questions the butler, who explains that the boy’s mother found him so ugly left him. As growing up he believed Mrs Van Groot was really his mother and demanded her to give her his last name and then Killed her. He explains he has no idea where he is besides today he got a call warning him about the cops coming. When Gordon calls his son a womanizer, he shows them a picture of his son, dis formed face. They realize, he went to get his face fixed. Gordon goes to the plastic surgery hospital, he tells the man to simply nod if that is the man they operated. He nods and sketches what he looked like after the surgery since the picture is missing. Gordon, Bullock and Essen brainstorms on what they may have missed. Gordon remembers what The Ogre told him, he realizes that he had an old picture of the Ball, in which he was with Barbara. He races to her house. Selina opens the door he questions her with the sketch, she says that looks like the guy she left with.

The Ogre tells Barbara, that he understands how she is, that he went through the same thing, not being loved by anyone, being rejected and that it nearly destroyed him and that it looks like it’s destroying her. She attempts to leave but he whispers in her hears and leaves with him. When Barbara goes to The Ogre’s place, she walks into a room full of bondage items, she smirks.

Watch the promo of Gotham’s next episode : The Anvil or the Hammer

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