Inside Ludacris andwife Eudoxie’s Baby Shower

Ludacris and his wife Eudoxie, celebrated the upcoming birth of their first child together with a secret garden themed baby shower with family and friends. The guest list included Monica, Letoya Luckett and many more. The baby shower was organised by Monica.

The new baby will join Ludacris 13 year old Karma and 1 year ol Cai Bella.

Ludacris Daughter Tweeted :”I love the way you love your sibblings!! Nothing else matters because U guys will always have each other!! Trust me auntie mo is about this.”

After Monica showed off the baby shower pictures and tweeted :”Today was all about the love shared between these two, the memories created and the blessing we are all awaiting!! Love u”.

One fan had negativity to share.
The fan tweeted :”It’s amazing to me that Monica Brown can speak all this spiritual stuff and smile knowing what ludacris wack a$$ did to that woman by taken her baby. Now this lady baby is going to be the unwanted child but a year later he has child that he wants girl bye.”

Monica responded :”You have far more opinions than facts!! However if you argue with fools then you become one. You’re entitled to your opinion just not on my page.”

They have yet to share the baby’s gender or due date but we wish them a healthy baby!

ludacris baby shower (1) ludacris baby shower (2) ludacris baby shower (3) ludacris baby shower (4) ludacris baby shower (5) ludacris baby shower (6)

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