The Originals 220 – City Beneath the Sea

Klaus wakes up and finds out he’s in Dahlia’s head. She shows him her past. He sees the Viking slaying the entire village but Dahlia and Esther who made a promise to each other “Always and forever” were spare. Esther is about to be taken but Dahlia uses magic to help her and they are both taken away. She tells him that they can be allies instead of enemies. She was kept as a slave and agreed to do dark magic for the Viking so they would keep Esther safe. Esther refuses to continue practice magic when Dahlia proposes to become more powerful with Sage and snake blood. She tells her that she plans on marrying Micheal, have children and leaves Dahlia behind. Klaus tells her, if she wants a deal, he needs her to remove the dagger. She tells him to be quiet and listen. She shows her a younger Freya who is out of control and nearly kills herself with magic. Dahlia explains that first born possesses devastating power and need to learn to control it. She explains that Hope is even more powerful because she’s  mix witch, vampire and wolf and that she will destroy the city he loves so much and that she is the only one who can tutor her. Dahlia explains to Klaus that she believes Freya hated her because she denied her the love of a parent and suggest that Klaus remains in Hope’s life as her father. She will channel her powers and no one would ever test Klaus as she would be by his side. He demands what the catch is, she tells him that Hailey has to die because she would not rest until she gets Hope back and won’t be able to live in peace. Klaus wakes up in the coffin and pulls the dagger out.

Freya tells Elijah, that he has to bring Hope back, that she will uses her as bait. She will then create a killing ground with the ingredients , which will make her mortal and they will kill her. Elijah doesn’t want and believes that she chose this right when Klaus is taken down. She warns him, that if he doesn’t bring her, she will find Hope. Elijah goes to see Camille who tells him that Klaus didn’t kill Aiden and that he took the blame to get people to fear him. Elijah tells her to not let her feelings cloud her judgement. Elijah believes they can create a Hope decoy. Vincent refuses as Elijah is about to choke him, Camille proposes Davina. Elijah shares the news to Marcus that Klaus didn’t kill Aiden. Marcus shares the news with Hailey. Elijah continues to think that he can’t unleash Klaus and Marcus tells him that he needs to think like Klaus to make it. Marcus brings Rebekah to the club where the spell can protect her. They bring Vincent to undo the spell that links Rebekah to Davina and the other witches. He approves to help them but after he wants nothing to do magic again. Vincent shares to Camille that he is chosen to take over the Convent since Josephine died. Vincent gives her a spell for Rebekah and tells her that they can’t fool a witch with a doll but they need a heartbeat. Vincent reaches out to Davina and asks her to be the Convent leader instead of him. He tells her that she will have access to enough power as the leader to bring kol back to life.

Elijah goes back to see Freya who tells her that she located Hope. He agrees to bring Hope to her and tells her Micheal’s ashes are in the painting at the house. Elijah gets ambushed by Jackson and his men. Jackson tells Elijah that he will never kill him because he knows Hailey would never forgive him. Hailey comes. He explains his plan and ask for Hope’s blood. She agrees. Elijah asks Freya to swear to him that Hope will not be hurt, she promises that she won’t get close to her. She injects her with Hope’s blood and explain that she’s the bait. She worries that Dahlia will sense the ruse. He tells her not to worry, he believes in Rebekah more than her and to proceed with the preparation.

Hailey doesn’t agree to burying Aiden like they did to murderers and betrayers. She tells him that they need to give him a crescent funeral and they will do it. Jackson gives an ultimatum to Hailey, that she will have to choose between him and the Mickealson because he’s an Alpha and can’t live under someone else’s rules. She chooses Jackson and the clan buries Aiden. Josh is welcome at the funeral and he says his final goodbye.  Hailey calls Elijah to tell him that she doesn’t want Hope to be raised as a Michealson. Klaus listen to the message as she explains that even if they beat Dahlia, she would still be Klaus’ daughter and would inherited the enemies. Rebekah agrees with Hailey. Klaus goes to see Dahlia and agrees. He explains that he never cared for Hailey but the rest of the family will stand for her. She tells him that he will have to go through them and question whether he is prepared. He tells her that they deserved everything that’s about to happen and that Hailey is leaving with his child. Dahlia explains that she won’t get far.

The Originals next episode Promo – Fire With Fire

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