Gotham 121 – The Anvil or the Hammer

Barbara wakes up at The Ogre’s house. He offers her food but she declines.She insists on leaving and tells him not to get it twisted, that it’s not more than what it really is. He admits that he isn’t pretending anymore, that the first night they met, he was going to kill her but he saw something in her. He saw ‘himself’ in her, that she is ‘the one’. She attempts to leave but he holds her hostage. He shows Barbara the pictures of the 12 previous women he took before he finally find her. She can’t believe he killed all these women where she is at the moment. He offers her something to drink which causes her to pass out and not being able to move. He tells her he’s gonna send her free. When she wakes up she cries and asks him if she’s going to die. He tells her no but she has to tell him who to kill. She refuses, reminds him that Gordon will find them, he presses her to give him a name and promises her he will kill her although it would break his heart. She agrees and give him a name.

Gordon blames himself.Bullock arrests JB pimp who admits seeing the Ogre at The Fox trot but Bullock tells him, only the elite gets invited in. He goes to see Penguin and forces his hand to use his connections.  He gets the invitation and sends Bullock in.  At the Fox Trot he realises it’s a sex bordel, he decides to pull his GCPD badge and question everyone. They meet one girl, Sally, who admits she was the first victim, left her with a scar and let him go. She has no idea why. They ask her whether she saw anything that could lead them to him. She remembers letters which enables them to find where he lives. They get there, he smells Barbara’s perfume as a call comes in. The Ogre tells them that Barbara’s safer with him, and that she doesn’t need his protection and hangs up. Gordon heard tires on the bridge with a train horn. Gordon figures out that they are going to Barbara’s parents. The ogre kills her parents as they beg Barbara not to have them killed and she watches. Gordon and Bullock arrives. Gordon fights the Ogre as Barbara watches. When The Ogre holds Barbara and tells Gordon to drop his gun. Barbara tells him to leave.The Ogre maintains that he won’t kill Barbara, that Gordon will. As Bullock serves as distraction, Gordon shoots him dead.

Bruce gets the key to the safe in Sid Bunderslaw’s office. He pretends he needs to go to the bathroom, activates the fire alarm and goes to the safe. It is empty. Only then Bunderslaw appears. He admits he knew he had Selina steal the key in his pocket and he was expecting him. Bruce commands him to talk and he admits all the crime that Wayne industries are committing, that his father knew about it and realized that he had no choice to operate the way they are. Bruce refuses to believe. Bunderslaw reminds him that he has the chance to live a bless life and to reconsider his position. Lucius Fox walks in to bring Bruce back downstairs. Before letting him get in the elevator, he tells him not to react and what he’s about to stay that it needs to stay between them. He tells him that he knew his father well and that he was a good man, that he kept his ‘best’ self hidden.  Bruce admits to Alfred that Reggie dying was his and Selina’s doing. He explains the whole story surrounding Bunderslaw. Alfred maintains that his father was a good man, Bruce counters that even good man have secrets.

While Nygma disposes of Tom’s body. Kristen questions him on whether she’s seen Tom so he decides to send a riddle letter to her in the name of Tom telling her that she should go and have fun cause he is.

Butch puts the weapon at the bar like Penguin instructed him to do. Connor meets with Penguin to confirm the guns are there. He gives him a specific date to attack and explain that Tommy Bones is about to be released and that’s how he knows Maroni will be there.  Connor goes to the bar, with a bottle of alcohol saying Falcone sent him to deliver it to him. He tells Maroni that he has a message, ‘That it wasn’t easy to chose to kill him’. When he tries to shoot, the guns aren’t loaded. He gets killed which launches a war between Maroni and Falcone. Penguin admits to Butch that hit was his plan, he took the fire pin out before Butch plant the guns. He explains he can’t live with having Falcone watching him so now, all he has to do is watch. Falcone receives Connor’s head as a package while Maroni attacks Falcone’s businesses.

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