Scandal 420 – First Lady Sings the Blues

Mellie’s candidacy isn’t received well. They don’t believe the first lady should become senator of Virginia. Sally Langston attacks her and they wonder who should go speak for Mellie. David is called to speak to confirm that Melli running for office is legal. They believe Cyrus should go as a man supporting a woman in politic. He does well, even after Sally accuses him of being upset as he wishes he was the one running for Senator.  Her ratings aren’t up which prompts Grant to call Olivia when they suggest she should admit that they aren’t a couple anymore.  She tells him to use the conflict of interest. That because she has access to the most powerful man on the planet and she can pull strings for Virginia. She does as instructed and tells the public that as a couple they will do what they can to help each other out. Her ratings are up but Cyrus tells Abby that all the president and them will be remembered for would be his wife telling the world his whipped not for their accomplishments.

Quinn finds Jake’s body. She believes he’s dead but Huck realizes he’s just out cold, punches his heart and he wakes up. David wants to call 911 but Olivia reminds him that the moment he gets to the hospital, he will know he’s still alive.  Charlie gets a doctor to work under the radar but when he realizes who Olivia his, he will do surgery on Jake only if Olivia helps his friend, an ex KGB assassin,Mary Peterson. Olivia goes to see the woman. She explains that she can’t ignore the KGB call but she doesn’t want to kill anymore. She meets with Kostya Pasternak and attempts to offer a price to forget Mary Peterson. He refuses her money and reminds her that if she refuses she’ll end up dead.  She proposes to the man to give her to number of B613 command in exchange of Mary Peterson’s freedom. That if he goes back to Russia with Rowan’s head, he would become a national hero.

Rowan realizes that Jake isn’t dead or else he would have received an upset call and that she gone underground. Russell can’t believe it. He calls her to get some sex as he attempts to detect her location. She hangs up before he does. He goes to see Rowan to report. He shoots her and tells him to call Olivia about getting shot by him. At the hospital Olivia comes to collect him.  They put Russel next to Jake who realizes he’s there to finish the job. He attempts to move and opens his stitches back. As they discuss she explains to the team that she offers Rowan’s life in exchange for Mary Peterson. Russel tells Rowan. Jake wakes up to Olivia apologizing for not staying on the island with him. He gets nervous as he sees Russel and attempts to warn Olivia. Huck comes to tell Olivia that Kostya. She goes to Mary Peterson’s house and finds her and her grand kids dead. She hears a cell phone and finds Kotsya’s lifeless body. She picks up the phone and Rowan reminds her that she can never win against him. The doctor gets angry at Olivia and tells her since she couldn’t protect his friend. Olivia makes the team promise not to go through with B613 despite David being against it. They all agree their lives is more important. Jake goes to the hospital. Russel reports to Rowan that they are shutting down B613 and asks whether he should kill Jake. He tells him no, their plans changed. They have to work on Fox Tail. Olivia gets sexy for Russel, tells him to close his eyes and points a gun at this head, telling him she figured him out and demands he tells her about Fox Tail.

Watch Scandal’s next episode promo wich will air May 7th 2015.

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