Gotham 122 – All Happy Families Are Alike Season Finale

Falcone is almost killed but brought to the hospital. Gordon checks on Barbara who maintains that she’s doing good but Leslie stresses that she needs counselling. She agrees only if Leslie can do it. She at first refuses but Barbara begs her so she agrees. At Barbara’s house, she questions Leslie on her and Gordon, whether they are really dating, if he has told her he loved her. Leslie admits they are dating but refuses to answer the other questions and tells her to speak about the ordeal with The Ogre. She explains that her parents never understood her, didn’t nurture her self esteem, called her names, didn’t love her and wanted to get rid of her and she killed them. Leslie corrects her that, The Ogre did she says no he didn’t, she stabbed them multiple time and then slit their throat. She picks up her knife and attempts to kill Leslie. They fight and Leslie takes over slamming her head multiple times on the floor. Gordon arrives and she runs to his arms explaining that she lost her mind.

Gordon finds out Carmine and goes to help him as he is convinced they will kill him. He walks on Penguin admitting to Carmine that he was the one who set him up, hands him flowers and is about to kill him, Carmine doesn’t understand why he wanted to kill him. Penguin explains that he wants to take his place and that he can’t have him alive. Carmine mocks him. Gordon arrests them all and tells Carmine that he is the best bad man for the city, without him the city is doomed as Maroni isn’t strong enough, so he chose to save him. Penguin appeals to Gordon but he refuses to listen to him. Carmine offers Jim to give him 2 days at his safe house to take over his city. Gordon calls Bullock asking him for help, he refuses telling him he’s gonna get killed. He blames what happened to Barbara for his behavior but Gordon stands by his choice. Tommy Bones walks in and sees Gordon. Meanwhile Penguin reminds Gordon that he owes him favors so he should save him as well. Gordon has no choice. Commissioner Loeb comes by asking Gordon to step away, he refuses so Loeb tells him goodbye and tell Tommy Bones and his men that Gordon and Carmine are all theirs. A shooting contest begins, Gordon kills most of them as Bullock runs him and tells him the ambulance is here they can leave. As they arrive at the safe house, they are welcomed by Fish, Selina and her clan. She attaches them and calls Maroni to strike a deal. Fish is hurt by what they have done to Butch. Gordon appeals to Selina to help them but she refuses and calls this ‘the best gig she ever had’. Maroni walks by and Penguin tells Fish that if she should keep Falcone alive as Maroni will double cross her. He tells him to shut up and calls Fish under boss. Fish isn’t keen, she wants to be equal. He agrees for her to be number 2 and calls her ‘babes’. It ticks her off, he promises not to do it again but clowns her again by calling her Babes pushing Fish to shoot him in the head. A riot begin, Bullock, Gordon and Falcone attempts to run away but are caught by Selina and brought back to Fish. Carmine admits to Fish that he wants out. He wants to retire and move down south and enjoy the rest of his days.  Fish doesn’t believe him and Penguin begins shooting the room. Everyone runs away but he runs after Fish. He catches up to her on the roof. They fight as Bush walks in. They both appeal to him to shoot the other, confused and thorn he shoots them both. Fish isn’t upset with him, she loves him as Butch cries. She tells him he will be fine, that he knows her, and that they played with his mind. Penguin tells her Goodbye, she tells him it’s all good and he runs to her throwing her in the river as Butch cries for Fish. Penguin climbs and calls himself the King of Gotham.

Gordon has a chat with Carmine, who maintains that he will be retiring, he hands him over the knife and explains to him that Gordon’s father is the one who gave it to him as a birthday gift. Tells him that Gotham only needs a strong man to clean it, a man like him. He tells him that his father told him that a knife is your friend when you don’t have anyone else. Calls his father the most honest man he has ever met in his life.

Kristen Kringles reaches out to Nygma wondering why the note Tom left her, each first letter spells out his name. He maintains he has no idea and that it must be a coincidence. He begins to laugh and speak to himself, saying he shouldn’t have left the note, calls himself stupid, that she is sweet but is reminded that she doesn’t care for him. He begins to display a double personality

Bruce is at home wondering what was his father’s secret. He has Alfred helping him search the entire office. After searching the entire office, they find nothing.  Alfred mentions people with intuition not being blind, Bruce remembers Lucious telling him about his father being Stoic and links it to Marcus Aurelius. He mentions being Stoic as a way of life. He searches for the book and finds a remote in it. As he pushes the button, music plays and the book shelf moves revealing staircase leading down.


You can read a Jada Pinkett Smith Interview on Gotham’s Fish Mooney’s fate :

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