The Originals 221 – Fire with Fire and Promo

Vincent convinces Davina to become leader of the witches. She maintains that she will only because he said it would give her the power to bring back Kol. Davina makes her case reminding the witches, when they question her honesty, after refusing the merge, siding with vampires. She tells them that none of them ever stood up to vampires but she has and she’s the best leader. She goes through the ceremony and promises them that they will go through anyone who stands against them.

Rebekah is able to unlink herself from the kids and Davina. Rebekah finds Klaus’ coffin empty and worries what Klaus will do to them. Freya is still upset but assures them that she wants Dahlia’s defeat. Marcel worries that if Freya fails, they are all doomed but Elijah tells them that at least the witches will play diversion so Hope and Hailey can run away. Rebekah calls Camille begging her to help, because Klaus fancies her, she will be able to get through to him. She has doubts but agrees.  Dahlia pushes Klaus to hurry up to get to Hope, he tells her he has a plan and by night fall, they will have the child. He reminds her that he needs her because he knows how to vanquish the Mikaelson, as he knows their weakness, that they could avoid her for the year she’s awake as after she’ll be asleep for a century. Freya hands their father’s knife to Elijah  and spread the paintings and that when Dahlia crosses the panting she will become immortal. Gia comes to ask Elijah how she can help, he kisses her and tells her to leave.  Klaus regains strength but slaughtering many humans that Dahliah offers to her. Klaus reaches out to Marcel, bleeds him so the vervein is out. He compells him and Gia. Elijah and Rebekah questions Freya’s loyalty, she explains that she’s envious that they are so determined in protecting Hope, she wished that someone had fought this hard for her. She also realizes that Dahlia wanted them all to go against klaus by killing Aiden so she can get him as an allied. She tells Rebekah that it’s better to have a glimpse of family and face death then to run. Rebekah begins the spell that makes the doll appear as a baby to Dahlia who comes for her. As Elijah awaits the right moment to kill Dahlia. Freya pretends that she betrayed her siblings so she can offer the child to her in exchange to release her of the obligations to her. Marcel stops Rebekah so the doll becomes ashes, Dahlia gets angry. She berates Freya but tells her that her blood is useless, she loves her but she isn’t the witch she loved the most. She puts her to sleep as Freya tells her she only wanted to be free. Freya pulls her closer to the paintings and calls for Elijah but Klaus prevents him from stabbing her. They fight as a compelled Gia walks by. He tells her to remove her ring and forces Elijah to watch her burn. He then stabs him with Papa Tunde’s knife. Camille walks in and attempts to appeal to him, she knows he won’t hurt her and trusts him. He tells her he shouldn’t, bites her and leave her to die.

Marcel brings a shackle Rebekah and compels Marcel to take her mortal life if she attempts to leave. She realizes that Klaus won’t kill her, he knows that if this body dies, her spirit will go back to her Original  body. She realizes that he wants to punish her, therefor preventing her of having children. Marcel begs her not to do it, she realizes he cares for her and doesn’t want to kill her. She stabs her neck and dies.

Mary performs a voodoo herb to figure out whether there’s magic in the air. White means there’s no magic, black means there’s an X and if it’s red means the witch is there. The smoke is black, she realizes the storm isn’t natural and Jackson tells them the roads are flooded so they can’t proceed. Hailey shares that Klaus is gone. Hailey decides to tell the pack that they have to part ways, she doesn’t want them to die trying to protect her, she can’t be their queen. They all kneel down and refuse to leave. Hailey exchanges I Love you’s with Jackson as they wonder which country to move to.

Dahlia uses Klaus body to find Hope. They fight as Jackson tells Hailey to run. She hands Hope to Mary and tells her she can’t teach her daughter to run and leave the people she loves to die. She joins Jackson to fight. Dahlia walks in and they all scream in pain. Klaus reveals that she made her suppresses her Hybrid nature and used the crescent curse he stole from Marcel. Since she’s Queen, linked to her pack, the rest will have the same faith as her. They will be forced to live as wolves and only have one day during the year as humans. She begs him not to deprive their daughter, he reminds her, that she is the one who attempt to steal his child and she will suffer as they all scream and begin transform. Klaus stops Dahlia from taking Hope, he reminds her of the promise and Hope is a child and may not be strong enough. She tells him she will promise after she links Hope and has enough powers to break the curse that puts her to sleep for century. He worries that she may fail, cursing Hope to her fate and so he suggest an alternative. He offers himself , tells her to bond herself to himself, the immortal hybrid, since he has eternal life. If the sleep spell is broken, only then he will allow her access to Hope.

Camille wakes up and remembers what Klaus told her to do. She removes the Papa Tunde’s knife out of Elijah’s heart. She tells him that Klaus spoke to her. Elijah believes she’s delusional. She explains that he had to make it convincing so Dahlia could trust him. She tells him that Klaus told her how to kill Dahlia.

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