Marvel’s Agents of Shield 220 – Scars

Projected One year ago, Coulson has a meeting with Billy Koening as he gets introduced to Data Protocol. Billy mentions that May believes Coulson is in a recruiting meeting. Billy shows him off the helicarrier.

Back to today, Coulson offers Gonzales that they make shield one again, they keep the counsel but he shall remain director. Raina is working giving the future to others on the Afterlife. She shares with Gordon that she seen a giant stone which becomes a sea as well. Gordon realizes what it is. He shares it with Jiaying. She calls it dangerous, that she only heard of it through stories passed down from their ancestors and that It could destroy them. She asks him to locate it but Raina tells them she can help them locate it. Gordon appears on Shield’s boat but Hunter sees them and alerts the others. They see the rock that transforms itself into a brown ocean. They are able to go back to the After life but is track down. Agent Weaver was able to reconstruct the Hydra tech that was able to track Gordon. They find the After Life’s location. Meanwhile Jiaying consults with Cal about Raina. He warns her that she’s very manipulative and she only thinks about herself.  Meanwhile Skye stays close to Lincoln who finally wakes up, he gets worried. Sky comforts him and tells him Shields protected him and healed him. He berates her that she shouldn’t have come for him. May calls Gordon dangerous and Skye reminds her what she’s done , killing the little girl who was inhuman. She maintains that maybe they are afraid of the rock they have on board. Coulson asks Skye if she’s still loyal to them. She tells him that she’s not sure who she’s loyal to but tells Coulson he can’t just barge in, they value secrecy. He counters that they didn’t respect theirs by just teleported themselves on the sheep. She decides to speak to Jiaying about Coulson asking to talk to her and admits to him that she is her mother. Lincoln is indexed and they go back home.

Coulson attempts to apologize to May who is still upset with him. She questions his ability to be director since he’s not objective because of Skye. Coulson has a meeting with Gonzales and the others about going to invade the After life. Coulson proposes to have a sit down with the Inhuman’s leaders, Jiaying, so they can show them they aren’t enemies. Gonzales questions him on how he plans on doing that, he mentions Skye asking permission. Gonzales agrees but refuses that Coulson goes because of his objectivity, not making the right call. He proposes himself and May agrees. Fitz and Hunter doesn’t believe Gonzales should have gone. Meanwhile Jiaying, Cal, Raina and Gordon are speaking. Gordon mocks Cal that he is nothing without his drugs that made him strong. Cal tells Jiaying that Raina can’t be trusted, he questions her integrity. Raina explains to Gordon her vision, that Jiaying can’t meet with Shields, she is the reason the war will begin. Gordon wonders who should, she proposes herself. Skye speaks to her mother, explains that Shields was family to her and Coulson always took good care of her, that he’s a good man and should speak with him, she agrees.

Mack resigns as he refuses to work with Coulson because he doesn’t trust him especially after being brought back to life with Alien blood. Jiaying questions Cal if Shields can be trusted, he tells them none can be trusted but admits that Coulson cares for Skye. He pushes her to use their powers to get rid of Shields but she worries that her people will never wanna start a war on her command. He proposes that she hands him over to Shield as an act of ‘peace’. She refuses at first but agrees after he tells her that’s his way of protecting his family like he didn’t before. Gordon walks in and has a word with Jiaying. They both go see Raina who believes Gordon betrayed Jiaying and told her about Raina asking him to drop Jiaying somewhere else so she can take charge. She goes on about knowing she had a bigger purpose but is met by Jiaying who calls her a manipulative person and will decide her fate after Shields. Raina begs them to believe her as they will regret not listening to her.

In the plane, Bobbie is facing Agent 33, Kara, who took the face of May. She berates her for betraying her. They fight and Kara gets knocked out. When the plane lands, Bobbie comes out and gets shot in the head by Ward. Ward gets on the plane attaches Bobbie. Ward congratulates Kara fooling everyone, she wants to kill Bobbie but Ward mentions wanting to dig in then killing her. Bobbie wakes up and he shots her back to sleep.

Skye wonders why Gonzales is the one meeting her mother. Jiaying meets with Gonzales who hands them over Cal saying it’s a thank you gift for returning Lincoln and Skye. Cal gets on the plane with Shields agents, they find empty vials when asked about them, he feins ignorance. Gonzales gives her a necklace that they recovered in whitehall’s office. she lost and she mentions she meant to give it to Skye. He tells her they share similar scars and that some good people have powers which is fine but the bad people are the issue. He offers an alliance. She realizes that Gonzales wants them all indexed and Cal and warned her about it. She shows him off a crystal, like the diviners, she smashes it on him and hopes that he’s inhuman. Gonzales can’t breathe and become stone. Before he is completely turn, she berates him for comparing himself to her. Tells her about Whitehall ripping her organs to pieces and stuffing them in jars. She promises that she’ll never let that happen to any of her people. She picks up his gun, shoots herself 3 times walks outside and screams that Shield tried killing her and that it’s war then collapse.

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