The Vampire Diaries 621 – I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime

Bonnie sleeps and dreams of Kai coming to see her and Lilly telling her that there’s a loop hole and Bonnie tells her she won’t help her fin dit. Lily tells her she doesn’t need her help anymore. As she attempts to use magic, she can’t. Lily attempts to bite her but Bonnie stabs her. As she runs away she comes face to face with Kai. Kai tells her that he’s sleep cyphing her. Kai tells her that she can’t keep on screwing people over without repercussion. Lily is about to bit her and she jumps out of her sleep to Elena telling her it’s time to go help Jo with her wedding. Jo is a mess as her wedding planner is sick and she can’t find. Caroline walks in and tells them no one is better to her to plan a wedding. Caroline is over protective of Elena being human. She apologizes her for wanting to hurt her and she feels guilty that because of what she told her , she’d never be happy with Damon, that she took the cure. Caroline doubts Damon will agree to become human. Caroline apologizes to Tyler as Liv walks in. They argue and part ways. Caroline lectures Tyler and tells him that she should talk it with Liv like an adult. He tells her she should keep her advises for herself as she can’t even figure out her problems with Stefan. She gets a call from him and ignores it.

Meanwhile Stefan brings Damon to a house to show him what it’s like living as a human. He talks about having a job, kids near. He’s tells stephen he planned, he bought a bar in New York and the upstairs is where Elena and him would be living. Stefan shows him that as their life settles in, they will fall out of love, he would end up blaming Elena for it. He shouldn’t become human for Elena. Stefan calls Elena about how wrong they were, that Damon actually thought it through. Elena tells him not to hold back to persuade him not to take the cure. He then shows him if Elena dies before him, how miserable he would be. When stefan mentions that Elena told him not to hold back, he calls Stefan and Elena sadistic. Stefan leaves him to go to the wedding and Caroline is still avoiding him. He admits he doesn’t want Damon to take the cure because he’d be losing him. He calls Damon as human weak but when became vampire, he had a purpose. Caroline tells Stefan that she doesn’t want a relationship with him, she has to keep control after everything she’s done and losing her mom.


Enzo brings an MP3 Player to Lily to pass time. As Bonnie goes to give it to her, Lily rambles about her family and grabs Bonnie by the neck. Elena explains that it’s because she’s ‘drying out’ and that Stefan has a plan for her. Bonnie worries about them letting her get out. Elena reminds her she destroyed the ascendant but Bonnie worries about the loop hole. Bonnie talks to Matt about her nightmares about Lily and Kai. Matt shows her his weaponry and tells him they shouldn’t ignore her hunch. They go to the Cellar to find it empty. Lily as escaped. They both suffocate and passes out as they attempt to call for help. Lily goes to see Enzo to tell him thank you for caring. He worries about revenge but she knows he cared. He goes with her, as she calls him family.

As Jo’s about to try her dress, she passes out. At the hospital they tell them she’s fine just tired, she begs Elena to keep it secret but she tells Alaric anyways. She expresses to Alaric that she’s happy to be human again. Damon pops a kid’s ball and compells him to get the car keys to his parents. As he waits for them, he watches two old people in love and sees him and Elena. He goes to see Elena, that he will take the cure, for them. That even if it doesn’t work out, at least the small chance of having the perfect life with her, is worth it instead of having an eternal life without her. They make out and they get to the wedding on time. Jo gets a surprise visit from her father who asks her to walk her down the aisle.

As the couple exchange vows, Jo gets stab in the stomach. Kai appears as Alaric weeps on Jo’s body.He explodes windows and injures a few.

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