Scandal 421 – A Few Good Women and Season Finale promo

Jake recalls everything that happened to him from the stabbing, the abuse at the hand of command and wakes up in Olivia’s bed. He questions her on Russell’s whereabouts , she doesn’t answer his question but lets him know that ‘he’s been taking care of’. She goes next door to check on him. Warn him that he better speak and tell them what Fox tail is and that none of them will kill him but to be ready , because what Quinn and Huck will do to him will be worst than death. Huck tells Olivia they have 3 hours to get him to speak because by then Command will call and will figure out they have him. Huck and Quinn begins to torture Russel as the phone rings. They decide to answer but command hangs up within a millisecond before they can locate him. When

Susan Ross visits the Navy and when she sees bruises on Ensign Martin wrist. She figures out that she was raped and asks her to speak about it. She refuses, blaming it on a training accident, which prompts her to bring her to the President requesting him to launch and investigation, to which he refuses and tell her to bring it back and that the military has their own system for rape. She takes drastic measure and goes to see Olivia asking for her help. She goes to see Ensign Martin and tells her to simply name the person who raped her and where it happened and she’ll do the rest. Admiral John Holly is the rapist, Quinn calls him untouchable but Olivia won’t stop. She goes to Abby for information but she rather speak about Russel and Jake. Olivia decides to go public, to the media with the story.

Mellie finds out if she doesn’t pursue Springfield, she’ll lose the run. They advise her to exploit her son’s death which she refuses. Mellie goes to see Fitz asking him whether he will take actions to help Martin, he again repeats he can’t do it. It would send the wrong message that they aren’t united, that military has their own system.

When Olivia goes to check on whether Huck got answers from Russell. When he removes the gag, Russel nearly succeed suicide but Huck is able to prevent him from swallowing pills that was planted in his tooth containing mercury as Olivia recalls all the events from her kidnapping and sex with Russel. Huck reminds him he doesn’t get to die until he tells them what Foxtail is. She goes back to Jake who notes she has blood on her jacket. He tells her that Russell is like him, he has a PHD on Olivia, therefor he will never talk no matter how much they torture him. He tells her that Russell is the perfected version of him. The only difference is that he fell in love with her but not Russell. Olivia confides in him about her bathroom visit when she was kidnapped. That it was the only 2 minutes she had alone.

Virgil Punkett introduces himself as the judge advocate and comments on looking up to admirable John Holly. Olivia realizes they gave them the worst so they can lose the case. Admirable denies ever having sex with Ensign Martin and blames that Olivia is enemy of the state and claims that he wasn’t on the ship. She asks for the security logs but is denied. Abby offers her help. Ensign calls Olivia and tells her that she’s pregnant. Olivia tells her to wait a bit so they can take the DNA and use it against him. She explains she doesn’t want to wait, she cries that the pregnancy is just a reminder of what he did to her.  Olivia accepts and the officer kicks Olivia off the boat as she doesn’t have the rights to be there as a civilian.

Jake goes to see Russell. They commemorate what they’ve been through with command, imitate command. Jake reveals to him that him getting taken by Olivia was part of his plan so she knows that she’ll never be secure, that he’ll always have an eye on her. Russell finishes his bear and tell him he can leave. Olivia, Quinn and Aby brainstorm on how they can get Ensign Martin out. They realize they can by lying about having a sick relative. She gets the abortion as Olivia holds her hand during. Olivia calls Fitz and asks him for the security logs, he refuses saying he can’t. Olivia counters that she was raped and that it was wrong. He tells her that the world is right, his job does suck. He goes to bed and finds Mellie still up. She talks about their dead son. He tells her that she should do what Olivia would have done. Throw her husband under the bus and he decides to send the security log to Olivia. When they look at the logs, they see that admirable was no where near Ensign Martin. She has a meeting with Admirable and tells her that his alibi confirms that he wasn’t near Martin but then she asks Captain Weaver where he was that night because he follows Admirable everywhere but his movement are uncounted for, that his name isn’t in the logs. She accuses him of being Admirable accomplice, that he was the one swiping his card while admirable was raping Martin. They kick her out but before leaving, she tells them that she can use contact to have her hands on the surveillance tape and that it will reveal his Weave swiping the ID. After the video showing Ensign martin being dragged and raped leaks to the media. Admirable confesses.

Mellie speaks in Springfield, she explains that her husband was wrong for not intervening in the Ensign Martin case, that it was wrong these men felt so protected by their 200 years old rules, that they assault these women. That they need to stand up for their children who are sent to keep their country safe. She promises that when she becomes senator, she will make it her mission to create an independent party devoted exclusively to assault and rape. Ensign Martin thanks Olivia for everything she’s done but Olivia thanks her for showing her how courageous one can be. When Quinn sees a picture of Virgil she realizes that it’s an impostor. he killed the real Virgil and stuffed him in the trunk then he frees Russell. HE quizzes him on whether he told them about Fox tail, he denies.

Mellie goes back to an office as Mellie’s assistant tell her someone is here to meet her. She explains that his pockets are deep. One security mentions that Fox Tail is secured. Mellie meets with Command, Rowan Pope.

Watch the promo of next Scandal Season 4 Finale.

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