The Originals 222 – Ashes to Ashes Season Finale

Klaus and Dahlia are linked. She marvels that with Klaus’ strength she’ll never sleep for 100 years. She explains that with a single drop of Hope’s blood, she’ll have her power. He questions her on Freya, she tells him that at the moon’s apex, she will kill Freya, sever the link between Klaus and her and the link with Hope will be permanent. He stabs himself with the dagger and they both collapse and Freya awakens. She calls Rebekah who’s back to her Original body. Meanwhile Elijah heals Camille and demands answers about Klaus’ plan. She tells him that once Klaus entered Dahlia’s mind, he realized that Freya’s plan wouldn’t have work. That Freya isn’t the one who broke Dahlia’s heart but Esther did. She explains that he plans on getting Dahlia linked to him so he can buy them some time.

Rebekah goes to see Elijah and she tells him about Hailey being cursed as staying a wolf form and being allowed one day of the month as human. Elijah goes to see Freya to check on Hope. He shares that she didn’t break Dahlia’s heart, Esther did, she admits that she killed their mother. He counters that she killed one incarnation of her and that her ashes are in New Orleans. They have to revive the original body. Meanwhile Davina is working into reviving Kol. Vincent warns her that the ancestors only give her that one time tapping into their power and he doesn’t believe reviving Kol should be her priority. She maintains that Kol is the only good Mikaelson, he warns her again that Mikaelson will betray anyone in the name of family. She maintains her position.

Freya is against their plan of burning Esther’s body to ashes and swap the ashes with Kol’s so Davina revives Esther. Freya believes they should use the white oak stake, kill klaus and Dhalia will die. Marcel is against it as he reminds her that he and all the others that Klaus turned will die. She counters that he’s collateral damage. Rebekah notices that the dagger in Klaus is melting. They realize they have less time so Elijah and Rebekah begins the plan. Freya uses a locators spell to find the White oak as Marcel looks for Kol’s ashes. He realizes Davina got a hold of it already. As Davina is about to begin the spell, Rebekah interrupts, she calls her disloyal for returning to her original body after promising she would stay a witch until she gets Kol back. She reminds her that Kol was her brother long before she was born, Davina apologizes. She attempts to get Davina to revive Esther by explaining Dahlia’s threat. She refuses and snaps Rebekah’s neck. Dahlias begin to grow on walls, Freya decides to kill Klaus. Marcel attempts to stop her but he can’t. She explains that she doesn’t want to kill klaus, that this was her only shot at having a family, she always wanted but because of Dahlia she’ll be forever be alone. As she’s about to stab Klaus, he wakes up and calls her sister. Dahlia wakes up, is angry. Klaus reminds her, they are linked so she can’t kill him. She tells him when the dagger melted, the link was severed along with it. She attempts to stab him but Marcel saves him. She vanishes with Freya. Meanwhile at Davina’s, Esther wakes up. Elijah explains that he was the one who swapped the ashes while she was speaking to Rebekah and shackles their mother so she can’t use magic. Rebekah puts Davina to sleep  and they leave with Esther.

Vincent goes to see Davina as he felt something was wrong. She explains how furious she is and as Region she will launch every witches against the family. Marcel comes by and asks her to wait one day before she launches her war. That he understands how she feels as he’s been there before. He asks her to find Dahlia and explain that if Dahlia succeeds, He, Josh and all the other ones he turned will die. Klaus asks Camille to look out for Hope. While she’s watching Hope, vincent comes in and questions her on why she’s so loyal to the Mikealson. She in return wonders why he isn’t mentoring Davina who will be lost as Region if no one teaches her. The family is reunited, Elijah punches Klaus and Rebekah is angry at Klaus. They all blame him for breaking the family apart.

Freya tells Dahlia that long ago she realized she lost the ability to love and that she pities her. Klaus, Elijah, Rebecah and Esther comes in. She threatens to kill them with the oak stake. Klaus tells her she only has one, so she’ll have to choose and the others will kill her. She transforms the stake into dust and blows it at them. When the inhale they all collapse, coughing blood. Esther attempts to appeal to her but Dahlia mockes her. Dahlia watches the moon and she tells Esther to stay goodbye to her last child, Freya. She chokes Freya and Esther appeals to her again. She tells her that she won, she has everything she ever wanted and she bested them all. She tells her to let her share with her the glorious freedom she found, in death. She chokes her with the chackles and gives Elijah the okay. Elijah gives the knife that Klaus bonded with the element to weaken and kill Dahlia and he stabs her. Young Dahlia and Esther are together, Esther apologize for not choosing to stay by her side as she should have. She explains she only realized her mistake when she saw her children standing by each other to fight. Dahlia accepts her apology and the hug it out. They both die and the sibblings call themselves orphans.

Klaus has dinner but no one but Rebekah comes. She tells him his plan may have worked but he lost his family, he’ll be forever alone. Freya offers Rebekah her witch body, explain that she healed the body so she has the choice of staying as vampire or a witch. She chooses the return to her witch body and will work to find a way to bring Kol back. Marcel and her share a kiss. Klaus goes to see Camille and nearly kisses her but he leaves before they do. Elijah goes to meet with Hailey promises her that he’ll find her way to set her free. She makes him promise to be a part of Hope’s life as she doesn’t want her to only know Klaus. Klaus rocks baby Hope and he tells her story about their fight with Dahlia but explain that in their story, there’s always another chapter to be told. Elijah walks in and looks at Klaus and accepts a drink.

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