When Homeland Returns, it won’t pick up where it left off

According the writers, when Homeland returns for season 5, It won’t pick up where it left off but rather 3 years later.  We will get to see Carrie in a different light, she won’t be a CIA agent anymore but rather a Station Chief in Berlin on a self-imposed ex, her and Saul are estranged and she will be in a relationship with a German intelligence.

Here’s what what Alex, executive producer, , speaking to TVline teased us with regarding Season 5.
“As we open the season, Saul is back in the CIA and Carrie is out of it. So that’s going to create, by definition, a distance between them. She’s a mother, and most notably, she’s not in the CIA anymore. She has a new purpose and passion and I can probably tease that that’s not going to last long. She’s going to have a relationship with German intelligence, and that’s going to be one of the more interesting relationships this season because they are an ally, but it’s a pretty rocky relationship regardless. ”

He also touched the Quinn and Carrie possible romance
“We’re still planning out what we want to see for that. I think Quinn is going to be a very different person. His experiences in the past few years have changed him. Plus, she has broken free of the CIA whereas he’s really tied into it, more so than we’ve ever seen before. How much of the connection between Carrie and Quinn… is actually romantic [versus] operational. How much is just that they recognize each other so well? How much is the desire for both of them to move on past this job that they do. Those are the questions that we’re wrestling with. We wrestled with them last season. We’re wrestling with them again.”

Claire Danes, who plays Carrie also talked about her persona embracing motherhood.
“I think the idea is that she’s left the CIA, she’s utterly disenchanted and isolated, and during those intervening years, she’s acquired an actual life, which she’s maybe never had before. That will be interesting, to see her in that context, to be in a relationship, to actually be committed to her child, to have friends. We really have never seen her be relatively normal and social. I mean, I’m sure that will be completely ruined two episodes in!”

Homeland will return with 12 episodes but the actual date has yet to be confirmed but we can guess sometime during the fall, around September, October like last season. They will begin filming in June in Germany.

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