Vampire Diaries Season 6 22 – I’m Thinking of You All the While season Finale

Alaric morns Jo’s death. Damon attempts to give blood to Elena but she isn’t waking up. Stefan tells her to bring her to the hospital. Meanwhile Kai enjoys what he’s done and his father and the rest of the convent attempts to cast him back to the prison world. He tells them they can’t kill him or everyone from the Convent will die. He apologize to Alaric for killing his twins and admits he couldn’t bare the thought of having competition with the future Gemini Twins. He stabs himself in the neck and dies. Bonnie calls Damon to tell him about Kai being out. They wonder why she’s alive and what he did with her blood. He tells her about Elena not waking up but physically there’s nothing wrong.

Meanwhile the entire coven are dying. Tyler tells Liv that Kai killed himself so they are all d ying. She notices he’s injured and will die. She tells him to kill her so he can trigger the curse as it’s a full moon. He refuses but she reminds him that she’s gonna die anyway and he’ll make it faster. He does and begins to transform. He calls Matt to warn them as he’s not sure if he’ll be able to control. Enzo brings Stefan and Caroline to help him get Lily who’s searching for her family. She tells them that Kai told her her family would be there. She search for them everywhere but can’t find them. Stefan threatens her that she will lose her if she doesn’t come with him. She confesses that she gave her blood in exchange to Kai and refuses to leave with him. Enzo reaches out to Lily who stayed behind. Lily explains that her family means the world to her. He understands and notices a building that wasn’t there before. He believes Kai clocked it. When they enter, her family is there.

Kai wakes up as a vampire witch and drains his father. As Alaric brings Jo’s body to his car, he’s about to kill himself but sees Kai walking. He shoots him but realizes he’s now a vampire. He attempts to kill himself but has no bullet left. Tyler runs by and bites him. He looks at Alaric and runs away. Bonnie finds a camera with a message from Kai. He tells her that he linked her to Elena. Only if she dies will Elena wake up. He warns her that as the leader of the Gemini convent, he had enough power and if she attempts to bypass it they will both die.   That it is to punish her for betraying him and her friends will pay. Matt tells her she has to leave as Elena is the only reason Damon is able to stay sain. Kai reaches out to Damon.  He bargains that he’ll get the cure for him if he tells him what he did to Elena. He confesses the truth to Damon and tells him he has a choice to make but if he kills Bonnie, Elena will never speak to him again. Bonnie goes to see Kai. She commands Kai to undo the spell, she breaks a few bones. He laughs at her and tells her that he made it a permanent spell. She tells him fine, she’ll let the werewolf bite kill him. Only then he realizes it’s magic and cures himself. As she’s about to stab him, he gets up and slams her to the wall, injuring her lungs. Damon comes by, Kai calls him dumb. He tells him he gave her a dying Bonnie which means Elena will wake up and they can live the life they’ve always dreamed of. All he has to do is walk away, he has no blood on his hands. He does so, kisses a crying Bonnie goodbye. Kai is surprised, he wanted the decision to torture him but he made it look easy. Damon sneaks behind him and rips his head. He races to Bonnie and heals her.

All of Elena’s friends comes to the Salvatore’s house to share their last goodbyes. They reach out to her in her mind.
Bonnie and Caroline begin. Elena tells them to keep a diary so when she wakes up she can read it and won’t skip a bit. Bonnie apologize, she tells her it wasn’t her fault, that for once, she didn’t have to making sacrifices for her and that this time she will. She asks her to use her magic to make the pillow feathers fly. Matt is the next one dressed up as a cop. She tell him that she hopes he will become a great one. Then Alaric, she tells him that eventually he’ll get better after Jo’s death. Jeremy made it as Elena breaks down. He tells her that he’s happy at what he’s doing now. Tyler is next, she tells him to get out of Mystic falls, fight for what he wants and to embrace being a wolf. Stefan is the next one, Elena thanks him for making the last years a good life. Tells him to be happy. Damon and Stefan brings her casket to the Salvatore mausoleum. Stefan worries that once Vampires hear about the cure being in blood, she’ll be in danger. He lets him know that Bonnie will use a spell that will seal the door and that no one will be able to open it.  It’s Damon’s time to say goodbye.

They meet on the road where her and Damon first met. She tells him she knew he would do the right thing. He tells her he thought about not drinking blood so he can desiccate, it would make time seem faster. Elena tells him she wants him to be happy, so he has to live. They share their last dance.  They share I Love you’s and kiss. Stefan tells Caroline that he will wait for her when she’s ready.

Years pass, Matt is a sheriff, driving by as Damon is on top of a building watching over.

Watch the Promo of Season 7 with Julie Plec


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