My first thoughts on CraveTv

During the holidays, i ran out of shows to watch and finally getting the ChromeCast and subscribe to Crave TV, to try it out. Considering that for us Canadians, Netflix is really not the greatest services because of the many shows that aren’t available.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of my shows are included. From Flash, Arrow, DC Legends, Homeland and many more. I’ve also discovered new interesting shows such has Roots and Undergrounds. I can’t say that the library is much larger than what Netflix offers but it sure has a better selection for TV shows. My other negative point, the episodes are not available the next day that it’s showed on TV. you have to wait when they release the full season.

The website itself is pretty bare, and the application is good. I did find that the quality of the videos were not very clear, rather poor and even at some point, the videos kept cutting. It wasn’t due to Internet connection.

Overall it is a nice service for 7.99$ however they didn’t have any French selection available. I found this website that shows a list of all the shows that are available and on which service Provider they would be available, CraveTv, Netflix or Hulu.

You can try the service for one month free of charge. I suggest to give it a try. You can also go through your TV service provider.

Overall I believe it is a nice competition for the Canadian market but still has a lot work to put on the website to be a good competition on the long run against Netflix. Netflix still has a lot more movies but CraveTv has a lot more TV shows.


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