Empire Story Line is Inspired By Lee Daniels life

Lee Daniels, is The Empire TV Show Director. CBS news recently interviewed him. One of the most shocking moment from the show, was actually inspired by his own life.

The flashback on the life of Lyon family

In the first season, the show gave us a flashed back on how the Lyon family lived. Mostly how Lucious treated his son, Jamal. During a family get together, the young boy came down the stair, parading with his mother’s heels, head wrapped, like a girl. Lucious became enraged, called him derogating names. Lucious was suspicious of Jamal’s sexuality and ended up throwing him in the garbage.

Watch the snippet here

Lee Daniels was never afraid to admit he was different

Lee Daniels, was questioned on the episode. He that the flash back was a copy of exactly what had happened to him. His father walked on him trying on his mother’s clothes and became as enraged as when Lucious with Jamal. Speaking about it, we couldn’t sense that he held any grudge towards his father but rather understood his father’s reaction. The fear of raising a gay child, knowing that life as a gay man was hard.

“I think that he as a man was embarrassed to have a gay [son]. I had no questions, I had no problems rather, letting him know, ‘This is how I felt’ at an early age. I was very outspoken. I owned who it was that I was.”

Empire will return during Spring 2017. If you missed episodes, you can stream them on the website : http://www.fox.com/empire

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