My thoughts on Record Fitness Application

fullsizeoutput_39cI train 5 days a week and wake up very early to go to the Gym. That morning, I had forgotten my training watch charging at home. Login my training enables me to monitor my work out intensity and speed. Browsing the current applications on the phone, Under Armour Record was in my library but was never used.

Synching my Scosche heart rate monitor was a breeze and synced the Iphone motion sensor. The same could be done with most Fitness watch. But with the Garmin Connect, i’ve encountered issues, to it not syncing despite manually attempting. It took a quick second to start the application and begin training. I totally love the vocal update, that mentions, current heart rate and the intensity zone. It made a big difference using the standard Garmin application. It was a constant reminder of the level of the work out and to keep pushing.

Accurate Calories Counter

The calories counter seemed to be accurate when compared to the other alternative on the market such has the Garmin Connect. The application syncs with many on the current market fitness watches / heart rate monitors. The app is a total package, by inputing your goals, it enables you to keep track during the day on whether you are meeting them or not. Logs your sleep with easy readable meter. A journal section to log in your daily state and add notes. This enables you to have a better view on trends and get more insight.

It tracks weight, sleep, training and if synced with MyFitnessPal, which was acquired a couple years ago. They have a fairly big network, you can find fellow Fitness users that you can follow, compare or even get inspired by their routines and exchange. You can also create challenges and see your trophy challenges. You also have a journal in which you can log how you’re feeling with notes.

Regardless of whether you chose to continue using the application that came with your Fitness Watch is okay, you can chose to give permission to sync to the Under Amour Record and all the information will be transferred to it.

My new go to Application for the gym?

The application is beautifully designed and detailed. Overall i love this application, definitely an upgrade from the Garmin one. Considering a lot more people are using the app, the challenges are more fun with a bigger audience. This may become my new Go to application at the gym.

The application is available for free on Android et Iphone.

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