My thoughts on Avenger’s End Game

So I finally watched End Game, the week-end it was first release here in Canada. I strongly suggest you watch the previous Marvel movies, to be able to fully understand the movie and leave with a little less questions. If you haven’t watched it, don’t bother reading. There’s a good chance there will be spoilers. Now that you’ve been warned, let me begin by saying, I did not have much expectations for the movie, I was one of those that read every single articles including spoilers or not.  The movie poster sold already who would be the biggest Hero in the movie having Robert Downy Jr position this way. I also binge watched every single Marvel movies (Besides the Hulk), just to prepare myself to fully understand how they would complete the Avengers series. I was just excited to see how they tight everything together to conclude the series.

I did find the movie to be a tad bit long, after about an hour of exasperating “visual” pain, speaking feelings, i looked down at my smart watch wondering how long I had left before the real action begins. I do understand why they emphasized so much on their pain due to their loss, the decision that brought them where they were. I also understand the point of Starks and his father, most likely without this, maybe he wouldn’t have sacrifice so much considering Ironman was always accused of having no heart and being selfish. I’m a huge fan of time travelling since Fringe and was served in this one. They did not really play around with the consequence the effect of the past on the future (Nebula, Gamora?), I suppose we will get to see this story in the next Gardian of the Galaxy. Loved to see the Hulk and Bruce Banner one.

I totally enjoyed the not so fit looking Thor, he was a bit more silly than previous movies. It definitely showed how even a God can put a lot more on his shoulders and fall into a type of depression. I was glad to see all my Super Hero, and that we did not get to see too much of Captain Marvel. I expected her to save the day, not Ironman.

Captain America wielding the original Hammer was amazing! We all clapped in the movie. Probably one of the best scene during the 3 hours. And i was wondering why Thor had taken the hammer while he had a newly built from the last Thor movie.

All the actors did an amazing job, the visual were on point, the camera angles were good. I was not disappointed at the end. The funeral part was also a very nice touch, showing everyone (Was glad to see Fury, was almost heartbroken thinking he may not have returned like everyone else) all the way to the kid from Ironman 3.

Did Avengers End Game lived up to your expectations?

Do you agree Falcon received Captain America’s Shield?

Did you realize why Dr Strange didn’t Tell Starks the truth?


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