My thoughts on All Eyes On Me Movie

The moment I found out there would be a Tupac movie, i was over joyed. I’ve been a Tupac fan from my childhood however, as time passed and read about the controversy surrounding the movie production. I got very worried … Continue reading My thoughts on All Eyes On Me Movie

New Global TV Show : Extant

I was watching Global Montreal and saw a commercial about this new show called “Extand”. It features Halle Berry and other few actors but not as popular as Ms Berry. I was curious about the show after the preview. Basically It’s about a woman who was sent on a mission to space and she originally thought she was involved in a spatial crash but then she sees her dead boyfriend from about 10 years. She tears at the sight of him and she falls asleep. When she comes back to her senses, she watches the surveillance footage and then she … Continue reading New Global TV Show : Extant