Being mary Jane season 1 episode 4

being mary jane

Mary Jane is out partying, she texts Andre to find out whether they are seeing each other late but he replies that he is stuck at home. He is spending time with his kids and wife watching a movie. Back home she wakes up seeing that Kara is still at her house checking dating website. She suggests that Mary Jane tries, Kara sends a message for her. She sends another text to Andre who doesn’t reply and she decides to keep contact with the professor from the dating site and accepts to meet him. Nichelle calls Mary Jane in panic because her girlfriend cancel on her and needs Mary Jane as the personality guest speaker. She accepts. Mary Jane goes to meet her sister, her mother screams that someone stole her diamond. She accuses Patrick’s baby mother who attempts to defend herself. The mother, Hellen, tells her to never step foot back in the house. Paul figures out that she lied about the theft because she didn’t want to girl to ever come back.

Andre wakes up in the guest room and goes to his wife’s room, she attempts to satisfy him orally but he declines when she does it the wrong way. She counters that he always wanted them to wake up while she’s pleasing him, he tells her that she’s doing it wrong with the pillow because her neck is hurting her. Mary Jane meets with the teacher, Sean. She at first texts the entire date resulting in the first date not being great. They attempt a second date but this time she turns her phone off. She goes to Nichelle’s event and comes face to face with Andre’s wife, Avery . They trade a few barbs on side chick and being faithful until she has to make her speech.

Avery and Andre attempts marriage counseling, Andre explains that Avery made everything about her, she invested in him, made him the man he is, married him despite what her family thought of him, like he was a house and not a person while Mary Jane sees him.  That she never acknowledge what he brought to their marriage, that he feels she has to pay her back for her marrying below her pay grade. He goes to see Mary Jane and tells her that he has decided to divorce his wife and that he told her.

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