Few weeks usage Review of the Flagship Killer One Plus One

I had my eyes on the One plus one for a few months now but wasn’t too sure about getting it. I was worried about the bugs or a DOA unit. I joined the forum, read a bit and the more I read, the more I was interested, but I was still not ready to jump. That was until, my son decided to drool over my S4 and the screen decided to stop working. I had enough with Samsung, as this was my second device that had stopped working or giving problems. Sent my s4 for repair and ordered the One plus.

Invite,Ordering process and shipment.
As you probably already know, the One plus is only on an Invite basis, I posted on the website and within an hour a two had my invite and purchased the phone which was shipped, within 2 days like they had said in the e-mail. I chose the standard shipment, which is a little longer but I didn’t want to pay duties. The phone arrived within 2 weeks and paid 0$ duties.

First impression.
Unboxing the phone, I wasn’t too happy with It. I found it was way too big and I hated the sandstone back. Although It made it hard for accidental slip, I didn’t like the feel of the “rough back” on my hands. The screen was crystal clear, doesn’t attract dust or even finger prints. It was fairly easy to work with it, being an Android, It isn’t hard to get accustom to. I’m however used to the “branded” Androids, bloated with manufacturers, apps and such, which obviously, rendered the phone slower. Being Cyanogen OS, It made me explore a lot more on the Android world. I did not bother rooting it, I didn’t see the point yet. Which is also a plus, rooting the One plus one, does not void your warranty. The volume and top bottom placement are well placed, if holding the phone with one hand. The only downside I did find, I skipped that part, It does not offer extended storage. I did get the 64 GB, but I rather store everything on a memory card and swap from device to device. Phone calls are clear but I have to admit that Data connection does drop at times.

Weeks later impression
After a few weeks, still reading the forum, I shall say, I still find the phone sturdy, blazing fast. I’m in love with the tap to wake the phone. I always over abuse buttons, this time i won’t have this problem. I didn’t favor the camera at first, I thought it was too poor for a device like that however, after tweaking and playing with the settings, I’m now able to take pictures as good as the latest Iphone. I bought the Diztronic case, which is made thin but thick enough to protect the entire phone and me not feeling the “sandstone” back. I also bought the Orzly tempered glass, to protect the screen.

Battery Life
A lot of customers complained about the battery life, but thanks to a friend of mine, who advised me to download Snapdragon Battery Guru, with the same abusive usage, downloading, chatting,texting, music,video, light phone calls and playing few games. The battery last the day.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the purchase, It cost me half of the price of any of the big name phones, Iphones, Samsung S5, and I have to say it is a strong and sturdy competitor to them, minus the price tag. Obviously, being a Canadian customer, it did turn out slightly more than I expected but still cheaper than If i had gone brand new with no contract.

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