Gotham Season 1 Episode 18 : Everyone Has a Cobblepot

Young Bruce is at Alfred’s bedside. When Gordon asks Alfred knew who stabbed him, he pretends it was too dark to see who it was. Bruce quizzes Alfred on why he didn’t admit the truth, he said he doesn’t rat on his mate, but will get back at him and find out why. He attempts to leave the hospital but Bruce commands him to stay in bed. Selina comes to see Bruce, she offers his help when he says he has to figure out why they were going through his files, he is convinced they are after him since he had a meeting with the board  letting them know he was onto them.

Fish wakes up in the hospital, she has a new eye. He makes a deal with her, after she tells the doctor Francis Dulmacher, that she wants to become his right hand. He laughs it up but she tells him that she used to be Carmine’s, Falcon top lieutenant and proves her point on how quick she can take control. He tells her to send his bodyguard back and provide one fresh body. She worries about failing, but he showed him, his ex office manager,in his new female body. She succeeds in her task. He tells her she is now welcome to stay upstairs, he shows her the view, welcomes her to upper management. They are in the middle of no where, that’s why he’s able to trust her.

Gordon is upset to find out that Narco detective, Flass, was vindicated and will be named president. He finds out the witness who permitted him to walk away was commissioner Loeb. He goes to see him to find out the witness is none other than his partner,Bullock , who admits that Loeb has something on him and had no choice. With Dent, he attempts to figure out how he can find the documents he has on everyone to prosecute Narco. They figure out, Loeb’s ex partner must know where these files are but he sets them up on a goose chase, almost getting killed but Bullock saves them. They threatens him and he admits that only Falcon must know. They go see Cobblepot for a favor. He accepts in exchange that he wants to see the files and he takes what he wants. He figures out that it has to be at a farm, they go there, have coffee, until they start shooting at them. Cobblepot, Bullock and Gordon find Loeb’s daughter. She is the one who killed his wife but he covered saying she fell the stairs. He now has the leverage on him, he offers to resigns but Gordon doesn’t want to. He says he needs him to stay, he wants Flass brought to justice and asks for all the files of cops so they can be also brought to justice. He refuses most but agrees to hand over Bullock’s files, publically support Gordon going for president and to Flass brought to justice. He gives the file to Bullock who warns him that Penguin will come for that favor and to becareful.

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