Being Mary Jane 207 – Let’s Go Crazy

Mary Jane cleans up while David is sleeping. He wakes up questioning her on why she is already up. She explains that she shouldn’t have done what she did, there’s no point for him to tell his wife until they find out whether she’s pregnant or not. She reminds him that they have been going about this for too long, her rebounds and such. She tells him that she is letting God decides for them. If she is pregnant they have a shot if not, they will be going their separate way. He’s flabbergasted and is angry.  She cleans up and even throws away her alcohol. She does countless pregnancy test and she isn’t pregnant. She goes to the liquor store to drink but chooses otherwise. On TalkBack she speaks with Dr Joy, a psychologist, who advises people to wait a year before dating again and gives steps to Mary Jane on trying the Johari Window. She begins to make peace with everyone around her.

She attempts to apologize to Niecy who tells her that she doesn’t care about what she thinks. She does anyways and leaves.She attempts to apologize Nichelle but she ignores her calls twice. She tells her that live a good life because she didn’t appreciate how she treated her.

At work, she walks out of a meeting with Kara, she complains that she has yet to being able to do the pieces for the show as yet and they are doing exactly the same as everyone else. Kara says she’ll let their superior know. They are discussing it when they call Mary Jane in, he doesn’t seem to agree the turn to Talk Back to Talk Black. She reminds them of her value and to give her what she wants without going behind her back to get messages throw, to come to her directly.

Valerie drops by Mary Jane to tell her what she’s doing is wrong. Mary Jane expresses that she’s angry and that she is hurt but rather be angry than crying. She can’t get pregnant, angry that he’s married and is going to have a baby with another but her.

David goes to see Chris who tells him to not blame all black women on Mary Jane’s behavior, that they are both to blame. Paul Jr comes to see David, when he’s about to do the transaction, he gets a texted from Mary Jane telling him she isn’t pregnant. He decides to tell Paul to find another investor because it isn’t working out with his sister. He gets angry and gives him a piece of his mind.

Back at Mary Jane, she removes her weave and she finds out her hair dresser doesn’t have a car to come fix her. She calls Niecy to fix it up for her. Nicey tells her that she’s worried about her auntie and in her eyes she can’t do no wrong. Mary Jane admits that she put her on a pedestal too high, that she’s afraid to leave without a weave because people will see how ordinary she is. She rejects a call from David and drinks wine together. Later on she takes the voice mail from David telling her his final goodbyes. Tells her she made it, pushing him away completely. She puts the music up and dances.

Thoughts :
I love the end of the episode, she dances out of freedom.

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