Being Mary Jane 207 – One Is The Loneliest Number

Mary Jane chats flirts the night away with Sheldon. He over steps when he asks her if she’s fertile or not. He apologize by telling her that she’s brave for baring this part of her life on TV.  He invites her to dinner, she agrees after playing hard to get. She goes to see Mark who’s crying at home because his ex, whom he thought would come back to him, called him to let him know that he was moving to London with his new love interest and they now have a kid. Mark worries whether he cheated but Mary Jane down plays it. Marks pull it together to get to work. Kara gets asked from her ex husband that he wants more money for their kids, that he has full custody.

Kara calls to speak to her kids, she decides to go see a movie with Gael. He tells her to be real with her and stop hiding behind her shield. She admits that she has nothing beside work. He provides comfort and they end up in bed. Mark attempts to call his ex again, he wishes him a voice mail, he wishes him the best and tells him he doesn’t have to call him again.

Patrick goes to see his daughter and wonders why his daughter is alone at home, he drives her to school but his car breaks down. He asks for Mary Jane’s help. While he’s waiting in the car in front of the school for his daughter, Police requests for his paper work wondering why he’s staying there. They let him go. There has been a shooting at a school in Virginia. They are speaking with Debbie who at first thought she was alive but turns out she died. She phones Patrick to check on baby girl. Sheldon calls Mary Jane, she gets upset because he didn’t call the night before about dinner. He apologizes and she does too for getting upset. He invites her to a party and she can bring a friend. She decides to go to the party with Mark. She tells Sheldon she wants to take it slow and he counters that he’s patient. Mark hooks up with a man from the party.

Mary Jane goes home and calls him. They continue to flirt and speak over night. After she hangs up she goes to have a booty call with her friend with benefit.

You can watch the episode below×360.html

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