T-Pain Catches Heat For Saying Aaliyah’s death inflated her legacy

T-Pain recently used Aaliyah’s vocals for his track “Girlfriend” on his “The Iron Way mixtape”. He hosted a listening session in New York recently, where he was questioned about the criticism for including her vocals.

Here’s what he answered :”First of all, let me just a lot of people pissed off about that for some reason. I’ve seen people directly say, ‘He doesn’t deserve her vocals.’ And I’m trying to figure out what the fuck did I do. So what happened was they were doing the Aaliyah X album and they came to me for a feature on the album. They had bunch of sessions of her unused tracks. So, instead of being a dick and charging the shit out of them, I was like ‘Yo, just give me one of the sessions’ and they were like ‘Cool. We ain’t gotta pay you right?’ It was just like a swap. I did a song for her album and they gave me one for mine. People tend to–I don’t know man– I’m not trying to discredit Aaliyah in any kind of way.

But you know how sometimes when people die–yeah. You know how somebody’s an asshole their whole life, but when you go to their funeral it’s like ‘This guy was the greatest man that ever walked…’ No, I’m just sayin’. No, I’m not saying Aaliyah. But it’s like because she passed, nobody is deserving of being next to her. Nobody’s good enough. Nobody is good enough because she passed. If she was still alive, then everybody would’ve been like, ‘Oh! She’s tryna be Beyoncé!’ If she were still alive right now. But now that she’s passed, it’s like ‘Nobody could be her! Nobody could be her!’ That’s just how I feel. That’s how it goes. And that’s how people are, man. People look for shit to talk about.”

From what I understand, I think he is right. Aaliyah’s legacy is definitely not something to look over, but in the words of Biggie, “You’re nobody until someone kills you”. It’s known that someone’s death always boots, sales and such. So yeah I agree. Same goes for Tupac, since his death everyone and their mama are jumping on that band wagon.

People need to realize that If Aaliyah was alive, maybe she would work with T-Pain, who knows, fans need to relax and let artist do what they want/can.


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