Gotham Season 2 Premiere Recap : Damned If You Do…

Gordon is demoted to traffic cop as Bullock resigned and is now a bar tender. A man hands over dragon blood to Zordon to drink and claims it will make him stronger. He shoots the place and  and Gordon attempts to do an arrest, they wrestle but he’s able to stop him as Zordon doesn’t understand why he isn’t stronger. Gordon’s partner comes late and he gets upset. Gordon gets called into office by Loeb and he fires him for pushing his partner. Gordon promises Commissioner Loeb that he would break him. Leslie isn’t too sad about it.

Penguin continues to rules the city but some still refuses to do business with him. Gordon goes to see Penguin, Penguin knows that he wants Loeb fired and to get his job back. In return Penguin tells him to go collect his debt, to prove that their friendship is real and he can trust him. Gordon refuses to do his dirty work.  He goes to see Bullock and tells him he’s proud of the decisions he made, he then goes to see Bruce to explain that since he’s not a cop anymore, he can’t keep the promise he made that he would find his parents killers. Gordon explains that to be able to stay a cop he would have to do collect debt for penguin to prove his friendship. Bruce deducts that he the one good he would do as a cop would outweighs the bad. He decides to go see Parker and collects the debt. He’s able to collect the debt but ends up killing Parker to save himself. He brings the money to Penguin, deal is made. Penguin goes to see Loeb and tells him he has to choices, he quits and reinstate Gordon or he kills him. Loeb is afraid and agrees to his terms. Gordon is reinstated.

Barbara is in jail. She gets approached by Jerome who tells her, she needs friends in jail. She decides to befriend anyone but he tells her if she befriend his friend, she can have access to everything. She does and asks for a phone. She calls Gordon and tells him she never admitted to killing her parents, that Leslie lied. He tells her to never call back but she does, he lets it go to voice mail. She calls Leslie a bitch and hopes she dies screaming. Leslie pushes Gordon to run away far but he refuses. Zordon gets sent to Arkham but as he’s talking he collapses and blue smokes comes out of his mouth knowing everyone unconscious. A woman explodes the walls and bring all the prisoners to Theo. He offers them to work with him as a team since they are brilliant criminals. Richard offers Theo a million dollar to let him go and keep the money as he wants no part of his plan. They let him go but not before Tabitha stabs him to death.

Bruce finds a door locked to a password. He attempts to figure out the password to open it but in vain. He decides to put explosive to get it open. He finds a letter his father left, feeling his death was near, the password was his first name. In the letter he apologize for hiding this part of his life from him and he tells him they can’t have both happiness and truth. He begs him to chose happiness unless he feels a calling.

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